How can we reflect the light of the world that is God

To be the light of the world, it is necessary to know and reflect the Word of God

Hello! Today, I wanted to do a meditation based on the  Word of God , in Eph 5,8-14. If possible, get your Bible and read it with me.

I was meditating on that Word these days, and it bothered me, so I decided to bother you too; after all, Jesus calls not only me, but all of us!

This biblical passage clearly speaks about being light in the world, about having attitudes that reflect the light of Christ.

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I have been consecrated to God, in Canção Nova , for 16 years, but that does not make my life easier, it does not isolate me from the world. I’m going to have to go back a little bit in time so that you understand what I’m talking about.

Study of God’s Word

The Word begins by saying, “You were once darkness, now you are light in the Lord.”

You see, she says we were darkness. Not necessarily, we lived a crazy life, full of abuse or totally focused on this madness in which the world is. But the simple switching off of the light already characterizes darkness / darkness.

So, even though you, like me, never did anything too much, had a healthy, peaceful life, never drank or smoked, in short, an active youth in prayer groups, we brought some addictions that, to the world, it was normal, like watching soap operas, wearing a little more daring clothes, having inappropriate language, etc. (I’m talking about me, the darkness I was in).

Look at yourself, at your story and see where you came from, what was darkness in your life. You can look without fear, there is no one to judge or point a finger at your face.

When does the light come in?

When we live our experience with Christ, for sure, we will remember that day. I remember that I was 14 years old when He invaded me and made me want to be His, but, as an ordinary teenager, I did not see the beam that was in my eyes. What about watching the soap opera? My whole family watches! It was even a matter of conversation. The clothes weren’t even so indecent … But the language I knew had to change.

The Lord, however, keeps bothering us, poking us, until we realize that it is bad for us. Suddenly, or gradually like me, you are abandoning everything that does not come from the Lord, that does not build us up. Then, we become light, and people realize that we have changed. They even ask us about being different.

Remember, the Word says, “Now you are light in the Lord.” So, whenever we turn away from the Lord, we turn away from the light too; therefore, we are no longer light. There is no way to follow two paths, to serve two masters. We must choose, break with the world in order to be able to walk in the Light and be light.

Be a path of light

People need to see this light in us, look at us and see that we are different, that there is “something” in us, that makes us different, that makes us light! We need to live and, without saying anything, people need to perceive the Light that inhabits us.

In the Word itself, the Lord already shows us how to be light: goodness, justice, truth and discernment are things that need to be ingrained in us, in our hearts, they have to be in automatic. There, we shine in this world of darkness.

It is not easy, it is not simple, that is why we need help from Above so that we don’t get lost. The world is attractive, the enemy knows how to chase us, he knows where he “presses our callus”. He knows our vanities and what moves our pride.

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Do you remember that I have been in Canção Nova for 16 years? You may think I’m protected, but it’s not that simple! I also have my desires, my thorns in the flesh (just like São Paulo), and I know that I will have to live with them for the rest of my life. I am human, I bring with me the stain of original sin, but I also bring the Light of being a daughter, chosen, baptized, confirmed and consecrated; and it gives me the strength to fight. Thus, you can also look for ways to arm yourself in this battle.

I struggle to be light in my home, for my husband, for my children, for my community, for those who are close to me. I seek confession whenever I can, I try to be in constant prayer, watching everything and seeing if God is talking to me through small details of the day to day , because the Lord reveals himself in the details. There is no use waiting for big signs. They do exist, however, most of the time, God reveals himself in everyday life, in the things we see, in the attitudes that our children, spouses or friends demonstrate, in a homily and even in a simple look.

Awaken to God

The Word ends like this: “Awake, you who sleep, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you”. So, wake up! I now call on the Holy Spirit to make you feel touched by that Word, just as I was, and get up. May we become a beacon to the world! That, from afar, the world perceives people who seek the Lord, seek to follow His way.

Jesus is coming, and He needs this holy nation for the maximum number of people to be saved. Do your part, join this army that fights against sin and seeks to live a life in Christ.

Allow Christ to shine on you! Forgive yourself, forgive your past and let the light of Christ invade you.

What passed, passed. “Behold, Christ makes you new! It gives you a new chance, even if it has already given you other chances ”. Today, He wants to live in your heart and be able to count on you!


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