Brine .Solution formed by high concentrations of sodium chloride (NaCl), common salt , in water (H2O). It can be found in natural conditions such as lakes , rivers and seas where evaporation or freezing increases the concentration of this salt. It is also prepared by man to be used in industry or everyday life, because the diversity of its properties favors its wide application.


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The concentration of salt in this type of solution can be up to 100 g of salt per liter of water. Within the natural brines we can find the one from the Dead Sea with a salt content that can be 10 times higher than that normally found in the sea. Another illustrative example is the Great Salt Lake in Utah .

These high concentrations of solute are harmful and poisonous to living beings, in many cases preventing the presence of life, a condition used to preserve food from decomposition by microorganisms.

Other saline solutions at high concentrations are also called brine, as is the case with calcium chloride brine and sodium dichromate brine .

Uses and applications

Due to its properties, it is widely used in industry and man’s daily life:

  • The brine solution served as a medium to develop the voltage stack.
  • In refrigeration systems, as a means of heat transmission, since due to its low freezing point ( solidification), it is used as a secondary refrigerant .
  • To undo snow on roads.
  • For the purification and cleaning of the same salt, used in human consumption or that needs to be purified due to the type of subsequent use. The brine is passed through a purification processand the water is subsequently evaporated to obtain solid NaCl for human consumption, or another use in which this compound is needed in its pure state, for example a chemical reactive agent .
  • In the food industry: To preserve and cure certain food products, as a culinary element, in food preservation, this being a practical and economical method, while providing flavor, having a conservative effect and influencing the texture. Bottles stored in the brine are pickled .
  • Formerly, sailors used it to harden / tan the skin of the hands.
  • Along with steam, it can generate a motor fluid to move turbinesand generate electricity.
  • In oil wellstimulation processes


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