Branches of anthropology

Branches of anthropology. Anthropology is one of the most holistic themes present in modern times. It is known to cover almost all facets of human life. It includes the cultural, biological and economic facets. There are several branches of anthropology that are named according to the facet they serve.

Branches of anthropology:

* Cultural anthropology is one of the branches of anthropology that studies the various aspects of culture. Culture appears as a very essential tool required for human survival. It is a combination of various traditions, morals, customs, arts, and knowledge. All these things are learned by human beings to be part of society. Cultural anthropology deals with several different types of cultural societies that exist in the world, such as slum donors, the corporate sector, and workers.

* Linguistic anthropology is another branch that studies the various implications of language. This includes a study of the changes produced within the brain. Language as the most important tool for transmitting thoughts and culture is a very essential facet of human life that is studied in this branch.

* Archeology is the third branch of anthropology that deals with all the tangible remains of any culture. Human beings leave trails of their cultural life not only in the form of words but also as diverse material remains such as stone, various tools and burials. This branch is responsible for studies carried out on the basis of such remains that reveal the various traditions and believers

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