The bradykinesia is a deceleration of voluntary movements , such as walking. At the root of this problem is a lack of dopamine in the brain, a basic molecule for the control of voluntary movements .

Usually the disorder appears gradually, worsening over time and making it more and more complicated to perform actions as easy as daily.

What diseases can be linked to bradykinesia?

The diseases that can be linked to bradykinesia are the following:

Parkinson’s disease

Remember that this is not a complete list and that it is always better to go to your doctor in the presence of continuity of symptoms.

What are the solutions against bradykinesia?

There is no definitive cure for bradykinesia related to Parkinson ‘s disease . Medicines such as levodopa or dopaminergic agonists, however, can decrease it, increasing brain dopamine levels.

With bradykinesia when to go to your doctor?

In the presence of continuous bradykinesia, it is best to refer the disorder to your doctor.

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