Bloodthirsty Driving – Complete Borderlands 3 Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

After talking to Lilith we will have to descend again to Pandora to go to the area called Drought and reach the Demon Edge as part of this complete guide . Before we go downstairs we can talk to Ellie to ask us for a side mission to do in Pandora.

Bloodthirsty Driving

  • Orator Factor: It seems that the Calypso are looking for a substitute for the Orator we killed, so we will have to do what is necessary to enter the casting and prevent it: steal a hammer clan banner, get an Iberian Pigs trophy and loot the box strong of “Tornamierda”. After gathering the trophies we take them to the indicated place and we will have to finish with a new Speaker (he has the same combat mechanics as the previous one) to be able to collect his stash later.

Once we are ready we make our way to the Demonic Edge by destroying the barrier with the weapons of a vehicle. Being in the area we went to the Roland Rest to meet there with Vaughn, who will indicate that we must go to Terrastilla to save Tannis . Both in the camp and in this new area, we can collect some side missions that we will do below:

  • Dynasty at home: Pandora: This is the same hamburger delivery system that we played in Eden-6, but this time applied to Pandora. We simply have to get the burgers to their recipients in a time limit and the faster we do it, the better.
  • The Rabid Weirdo: Lizzie will ask us to ride her father in the designated car. This will ask us for various missions, so we must fulfill their requests until completing the mission. Basically they are based on killing things and doing some parkour to collect some coins. Simple.
  • Bum, bum, Villabum: we will find Tina in the northern area of ​​Demon Blade and she will ask us to highlight the bomb that has been stuck in the tube by a land jump (we went up to the nearby platform and made a jump with a crouch from there) . Then we must go down and kill the children in the tunnel and finally we free Villa de Tina from more enemies.
  • Neutrality of the ECHO network: we speak to Edgren, who will ask us to go to a designated point in the ECHO network in order to locate the UG-THAK and destroy it. It is located inside the central tower (we entered it by breaking the wooden door at the base). To destroy the shield that surrounds it, we must kill the children and open the 5 ducts that they indicate.

Once we arrive before the Carnívora festival we will realize that we need to have a tuned vehicle and better to sacrifice it as an entrance. To get it, we have to steal it from Donny the Great . When we reached his base we finished off all his henchmen before he arrived and we killed him in order to collect the keys to the golden vehicle . We take it to Carnívora to enter the compound and once there we can complete a secondary mission before going to the main one:

  • Here I catch you, here you Vaughn: we follow Zahnzi inside and we stand on the podium to answer various questions by pressing A or B. In our case the order was as follows (but it could change: ABBBA or B. After winning the contest we get rid of protesters and just followed Vaughn’s instructions to complete the mission.

We continue with the main mission and when we reach the indicated point we get on our vehicle and chase the Carnívora tank to stop it: we destroy its 3 tanks and parts that indicate us and we finish with the motorized reinforcements. In addition, we must ensure that their large wheels do not crush us. C

When they go down a ramp we can go up to Carnívora and get to the place where they have Tannis to face the Agonizer 9000 . To beat this boss we will have to shoot him with corrosive damage or any that he is vulnerable to and it is preferable to do it in the red parts (because this is where we make him critical). On the other hand, we should watch with the fire that comes out of the ground (we will see it when the plates turn red) and jump when doing a circular sweep with a spiked bar.

There will be a time when they “pause for advertising” and Marcus leaves several drawers with ammunition and life. When we manage to remove the shield bar we simply shoot the core and we can kill it. After that, we will discover a secret of Tannis and we can return to the Sanctuary .


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