Biopoetry (from the ancient Greek βιο- [bi.o] ‘life’ and from the Greek ποιησις, through the Latin poesis ‘action, creation; adoption; manufacture; composition, poetry; poem’) is a poetic , artistic, cultural movement, environmentalist, humanist and revolutionary. It is a term that designates those works whose primary function is to defend life. Biopoetry breaks all rhetorical and dreamlike schemes, it appears to show reality as it is, without masking it, without adornment, with the sole purpose of helping to take care of life. Biopoetry condemns and accuses bourgeois poetry of being the cause of hunger, misery, environmental pollution, destruction of the earth, and the death of innocent people in the world. . This movement sought to reconcile psychoanalysis , Marxism and liberation theology , it was proposed from the first stage, to break with all mental and artistic conventions.

Biopoetry has diffusion in Latin American countries, whose creator and ruler of this movement is the Peruvian writer and poet Alex Pimentel . Within this movement you can see poets such as Elmer Zúñiga , Matilde Maisonnave , Karol Gonzales , Shimon Goldwyn , Pablo Hasél , among other writers, poets and intellectuals faithful to the style and worldview of biopoetry.

Biopoetry, more than a current, is a very powerful weapon to crush that sophisticated factory of making the world miserable. It is the cry of the woman who lost everything, even her name, it is the word of those who have no voice. Biopoetry is the answer to the rumbling of the gut, it is the panacea for social cancer, Biopoetry is the joy of the hungry, of the oppressed, also the gravedigger of the capitalist and imperialist system. Alex Pimentel

The “Biopoets” consider that poetry should not only be dedicated to singing the sorrows of love and should stop disguising or decorating reality, but show it as it is. Biopoetry is a belligerent poetry of struggle for life. Biopoets propose that each letter, each phoneme that they use is a powerful weapon to defend the life of every living being on earth. Biopoetry is a mixture of ingenuity plus reality.

The following poem, taken from the work ” Awake Hemiplegic Rocks ” by Alex Pimentel , is a part of the essence of Biopoetry:

His eyes gleam gleams,

like that of a condemned man, when injustices are committed, when they are used as guinea pigs, when they take pills, parricidal pills, savoring the nectar of death at every moment, silencing their pain, they pronounce: long live Peru damn it!

Alex Pimentel


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