Billing Agent

Bad credit in business is a problem that must be resolved immediately. If ignored, then over time will have a major impact on the financial viability of the business entity, then a collection agency is needed to collect the receivables contained in the borrower or debtor. This collection agency is usually part of a bank or third party commonly known as the Debt Collector .

Type of Billing Agent

Collection agencies also vary and have different ways of working. The way this works is usually based on how long the debtor’s arrears are. The following is the explanation:

  • Desk Collector

This level is the first level in the collector world, and the work done by these collectors is only to remind the due date of the debtor installments and done by telephone. Usually at this level the collector only serves as a reminder for the debtor of the obligation to pay installments. The language used is very polite and smooth, considering its orientation as a customer servant.

  • Bill Clerk

This stage is a continuation of previous actions, if it turns out the debtor who has been contacted, has not yet made a payment. The method used by collection agencies at this level is usually by visiting the debtor, with the aim of knowing the debtor’s condition and financial condition. At this stage the collection agent usually gives a persuasive understanding of the debtor’s obligation to make payments in installments, as well as providing a grace period for paying their debts.

This collection agent is allowed to receive payments directly from the debtor, but the thing that needs to be considered by the debtor is, make sure that the debtor receives proof of payment from the agent, and the proof must be proof of payment from the company where the debtor has credit obligations not proof of payment in the form regular receipt.

  • Bailiff

If it turns out that the debtor still has not made the payment, then the arrears will be given to the next level, namely the Sita or Remedial Collector , some leasing companies or the financial department in general use the term Professional Executor , Fiduciary Guarantee Object Execution Officer or Professional Collector . In this stage, collection agencies are allowed to confiscate, or legally process debtors who are reluctant to fulfill their debt obligations.

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