What does the Bible say about a man wearing an earring? It is sin?

The Bible does not say that a man wearing an earring is a sin. The earring is not necessarily a feminine adornment. Both men and women wore earrings in Bible times. Each man can follow his conscience on the subject.

The earring was a very popular adornment in Bible times. Wearing an earring was a sign of beauty and joy. Men of many peoples wore earrings and nothing in the Bible indicates that only women could wear them.

In Old Testament law, a Hebrew slave was to be released after six years of work. But if he wanted to remain a slave, his master would have to pierce his ear against the door of the house. This would be a symbol that was a slave to life ( Deuteronomy 15: 16-17 ). However, this rule does not mean that every man with a pierced ear was a slave.

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Can a man wear an earring today?

This depends on the conscience of each man and the meaning that earring has in his community. For example, if only gang members wear earrings where you live, it is better not to wear them. Ask yourself: will it cause a lot of problems in my community? If there’s no problem, you can use it. But if you have doubts about it or your conscience doesn’t allow it, don’t use it ( Romans 14: 22-23 ). Ask for God’s wisdom to do what is best.


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