What does the Bible say about deliverance

The Bible says that deliverance is a very important part of Christ’s ministry in each person’s life. Jesus delivers from condemnation, sin and the influence of the devil. Only in Jesus’ deliverance do we find true freedom ( John 8:36 ).

The Bible talks about many types of deliverance: deliverance from slavery and oppression of other peoples, spiritual deliverance and deliverance from physical illness. Liberation is a central theme of the Bible. Oppression arose as a result of the curse of sin in the world. Liberation comes from God.

Spiritual deliverance

Just as a person can be oppressed and enslaved by someone else, he can also be enslaved by sin and, consequently, by the forces of the devil ( John 8:34 ). Sin makes us slaves to the devil. We cannot free ourselves ( Romans 7: 18-20 ). We need someone stronger than us. We need Jesus.

Jesus came to deliver us from the oppression of the enemy. On the cross, he overcame sin, death and the devil! Now, anyone who accepts Jesus as a savior is free!

Through Jesus, we are free from the condemnation of sin ( Romans 8: 1-2 ). We will no longer be punished in hell, together with the devil! We have the promise of eternal life, with Jesus in Heaven. We are no longer slaves to the devil, he has no right over our lives. But we still need to fight sin and the devil’s influence.

While we still live on this earth, we will face temptations, which can cause many problems in our spiritual lives. When we discover that we are bound by sin or the influence of the devil in some area of ​​our lives, we must look for the deliverance that Jesus offers .

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How to be set free

The first step in being delivered is to believe in Jesus and accept Him as your savior ( Romans 10: 9-10 ). This means recognizing that you have sinned, that you need and want to change, and that you believe that Jesus can save and deliver you. When that happens, Jesus saves you and you are freed from slavery to sin. Now you belong to Jesus, not the devil!

Those who are saved by Jesus may need deliverance in specific areas throughout their lives. To be released, it is important to:

  • Recognizing the problem– admitting that you need Jesus’ help to be delivered – James 4: 8-10
  • Asking and offering forgiveness– asking for forgiveness in the case of your sin and offering forgiveness in the case of other people’s sin – Matthew 6: 14-15
  • Submit to Jesus– declaring Jesus as Lord of that area of ​​your life, the only one with authority over you – James 4: 7
  • Renouncing the devil’s sin and influence– rejecting his influence and his lies, choosing to believe the Bible truth – John 8: 31-32
  • Fight temptation– resist temptation whenever you arrive, declaring that Jesus saved you – 1 Corinthians 10:13

Attention! Liberation is no joke. It is good to always seek the help and support of a pastor or trusted leader in these situations. Don’t fight alone.

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Healing and liberation

In some situations, a physical illness may be associated with some malignant influence. In these situations, in order to have a cure, it is necessary to treat the spiritual side, seeking liberation. As with all spiritual deliverance, prayer is very important in the healing process ( James 5: 14-16 ).

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Attention! Not every disease is the result of an evil influence. Many diseases have physical or psychological causes, without a spiritual side. To find the best treatment, always try to find the true causes of the disease.

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