best house ideas in Minecraft

Check out the list below if you’re looking for ideas for building posh houses in Minecraft.

If you find yourself standing in a field with a cobblestone in your hands and don’t know what to build, then you may be looking for new ideas for houses in Minecraft. Of course, we all dug a hole in an inconspicuous mountain slope and erected four walls of wooden beams. But if you are already familiar with the world of Minecraft, then you want to make a more attractive building. To do this, we offer you some ideas.

Links are attached to every home project if you don’t want to do the hard work yourself.

If this is your first time diving into the endless world of Minecraft, then you should start with something simpler. Check out our How to Build a House in Minecraft guide to learn the basics. After you’ve built an entry-level safe home, return to this list of unusual projects.

Below we offer you a look at the coolest houses created in Minecraft that you can build yourself. Maybe you need some inspiration or maybe you want to follow the link and download the map to make your own unique project.

Tree house

Many of us have tried to build a tree house in Minecraft, somehow (amazing!) It turns out to be a little angular, depriving it of its usual charm.

This structure is a balance between artificial and natural. The natural forms of leaves and trees have been preserved, while the wooden house is located at the top. Hanging vines and wooden ladders that can be used to climb the trunk also give a natural effect. Even if this is not a tree house for you, you can create your own, inspired by some of the elements of this building.

Download: Tree House

Luxury cave house

As with the tree house, many tried to build a house inside a cave and found that they accidentally dug up a giant underground cube that looks more like the buildings in Dwarf Fortress. An open cave is used to create such a wonderful house. glass windows, sometimes even a skylight and an outdoor terrace that leads outside. The house has a cozy interior with a lovely dining room and a spacious backyard with a swimming pool.

Download: Luxury cave house

Red stone smart home

This idea of ​​a home in Minecraft pushed the boundaries of what PC gaming could do. Such smart real estate is filled with technology and incredible gadgets. You even need a special key card to get there.

But keep in mind that it is quite difficult to design such a house, be sure that you read the necessary information before building; you do not want to accidentally be trapped in a gimmick you made yourself.

Download: Redstone Smart Home

Modern mansion with ocean views

This option is definitely for you if you’ve ever dreamed of a mountain top house with sea views eerily reminiscent of Tony Stark’s.

This modern mansion comes complete with all the bells and whistles a billionaire could ever want, including a pool, beach, private bar and even a helicopter. A house like this is a dream come true for many of us, but at least we can load it into Minecraft.

Download: Modern mansion with ocean view

Small village house

This sweet home certainly looks small, but it makes up for the lack of space with its charm.

It’s just an adorable, small, suburban home with nothing too much in it, perfect for spending your lazy days reading a book, watching the rain run down the windows, and waiting for the oncoming horde of creepers you think opinion are chasing you.

Download: Small village house

Country mansion

This huge building is definitely worth seeing. Built against the backdrop of mountains covered with green trees and surrounded by a picturesque lake, this home is ideal for those looking to relax after years of adventure.

The exterior of the house looks quite impressive, but its interior is also worth exploring, with a waterfall, interesting trails and even several caves to explore if you are tired of the carefree life of being locked up.

Download: Country mansion

GTA 5: House of Franklin

GTA 5 is a never-ending force for inspiration, so why not create a house in Minecraft inspired by this game.

Based on Franklin’s house, this is one of the most impressive housing ideas in Minecraft.

We managed to exactly recreate these luxurious apartments with many rooms. Plus it has a cool pool and garage where you can store your, um … carts?


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