The best corporate benefits for the well-being of the team

The experience of employees is one of the most talked about subjects in the debates on people management . After all, no professional can surrender 100% of his capacity if he is not well physically and psychologically. To ensure this, it is essential to offer the best corporate wellness benefits .

With this in mind, we have listed in this article some of the main measures to promote the quality of life of employees. To learn more, keep following the post!

What are the advantages of taking care of the team’s well-being?

Before talking about the best corporate benefits for well-being, it is necessary to understand what are the advantages of investing in this type of initiative. Check out some of them below.


Attracting and retaining talent

The good talents in the market are motivated by much more than just a good salary. Increasingly, quality of life is a priority for candidates, who seek opportunities that favor the balance between personal and professional life .

In a Deloitte survey of trends in human capital, more than 50% of respondents said they thought wellness programs were valuable or highly valuable benefits. In other words, showing concern for the health of employees has become a decisive factor in recruiting the best professionals .

The same goes for talent retention . Taking care of the team’s well-being makes employees feel valued, welcomed and remain in the company for longer. As a result, the company reduces staff turnover, an extremely important indicator for assessing people management.


More engagement and productivity

Employees who feel good in the workplace become much more engaged and productive . This is because they feel more motivated, focus more on work and are more willing, especially when the company encourages the practice of physical activity.

All of this has a highly positive impact on business results. According to a study done in the USA , companies that invest in employee experience are 4x more profitable than the others . So if your organization does not yet have the best corporate wellness benefits, that needs to change as soon as possible.


Reduced absenteeism

Professionals with high well-being are less at work . Because they are in good health, they take less medical leave and feel better within the company’s routine, which reduces absenteeism in the team.

Thus, the chances of a person missing work due to factors such as depression, anxiety or stress are much less.

Despite this, remember: even in the best possible environment, we are all subject to this type of problem . Having that awareness and offering adequate support is also part of taking care of employees’ well-being.

What are the best corporate wellness benefits?

Now that we understand the benefits, it’s time to discover the best corporate wellness benefits:

  • quality medical care;
  • feeding benefits;
  • encouraging physical activity;
  • adequate working conditions;
  • financial well-being.

Find out more about these benefits below.


Quality medical care

good medical care is among the best business benefits to welfare. Although almost all companies include this advantage in the package, not all pay attention to the quality of plans, which are often insufficient for the needs of employees.

It is essential that health and dental plans have coverage for basic and additional services , so that employees are properly protected in case of need.

Costs must be fair, allowing for routine consultations, exams, procedures and surgeries for employees and their dependents.

If possible, also have partnerships with pharmacies , so that employees can buy drugs at a discount whenever they need it.


Feeding benefits

Good nutrition is directly linked to well-being. Therefore, the company should do everything in its power to provide a good quality of life for the team in this regard.

The food stamp , intended for grocery shopping, is a great alternative to guarantee basic groceries for the employee, in addition to helping a lot with home expenses.

Regarding food during working hours, find the most suitable alternative for the organization. A food stamp consistent with the company’s location is a benefit highly valued by market professionals.

If there is a cafeteria on site, have a good structure and offer quality options. Invest in a healthy and balanced menu , accompanied by nutritionists, to take close care of the team’s health.

Another good alternative is to offer free fruits and snacks for employees to eat during working hours.


Stimulating physical activity

We cannot talk about the best corporate benefits for well-being without mentioning the encouragement to physical activity . This is one of the great pillars that guarantee the disposition, concentration and health of employees, fighting sedentary lifestyle and making the team more productive.

A good way to offer this benefit is to promote relaxing activities in the middle of the day, such as stretching, yoga classes and gym work . After this break, employees will return to work refreshed and ready to carry out their tasks with even more quality.

Agreements with gyms and sports groups are also great options. With these measures, the company encourages its professionals to take care of the body in an attractive and low-cost way, ideal for keeping everyone satisfied and engaged.


Adequate working conditions

The day-to-day working conditions are extremely important for the well-being of employees.

Start by assessing the physical structure of the office . Are the chairs comfortable? Are the tables spacious? Is the room airy and well lit? Are the equipment working?

All of this may seem basic, but many companies do not take care of these details properly, which can have consequences such as chronic pain, vision problems and high stress .

The positive organizational climate is also essential for well-being. After all, nobody feels good when there is no good relationship with bosses and colleagues, or in a company that overloads its employees.

Such environments can cause a high rate of burnout and anxiety, which is terrible for employees and the business.


Financial well-being

When it comes to employee well-being, what comes to mind first is physical and mental health, but many people forget an important factor: financial well-being .

Money is one of the biggest reasons for stress among Brazilians, since most have debts or difficulties to build an emergency reserve. This ends up affecting professional life, as excessive concern with finances causes a drop in concentration and productivity .

Therefore, one of the best corporate welfare benefits is the on-demand pay trend . In this model, the employee can receive the salary of the days already worked in the month at any time, through an app.

Thus, he does not need to wait for a fixed payment date and gains more control over his own finances , being able to better reconcile the maturities of the accounts or have cash on hand for unforeseen events.

It is also interesting to promote financial education in the company , through courses and workshops on investments and personal budget.

Often the problem of the person is not how much he earns, but how to manage money . Offering her this knowledge is certainly a great measure to increase well-being and quality of life.


As we saw throughout the article, offering the best benefits for well-being is essential to ensure the productivity and engagement of employees. Therefore, do not see the alternatives that we present as expenses, but as an investment in business success .


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