What is the best cleansing diet?

What is the best cleansing diet?

– The one with pineapple (for the girl) with digestive enzymes?

– The lemon (to lower a pants size) with anti-cancer antioxidants ?

– The artichoke (not to be flabby) for its choleretic and cholagogue properties?

– Or better we buy ready-made juices (which take a little bit of everything) for a small price ?

Today, because it is Monday and the return to reality is very hard, we are going to start by making it easy: NONE. Just read the promises of their promoters to see that they meet all the requirements of miracle products . There is no scientific evidence that cleansing diets deliver on their promises (the most recent review on the subject is this from the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics  from December 2014).

Why are detox diets not effective ?

The theory has been told to all of us: since we have spent days, weeks or months of nutritional free will, our body needs to be purified, cleaned, purified, purged, and thus with all the attractive synonyms that you can find. Supposedly, we are loaded with toxins.

To carry out the general cleaning, we have the invaluable help (well, the priceless is debatable) of certain natural resources that, well processed and wrapped with a bow, have some descaling properties that not even Calgonit (the only one recommended by manufacturers , they already know).

Practice is another song of songs: our body, which trusts no one (and seen what it does, does very well) has its own cleaning system planned. Yes, our body is as self-sufficient as those pyrolytic furnaces that clean themselves, but without the need to set ourselves at 500 degrees.

How is our body purified?

As they are under the parrots, we do not see them, but it should be remembered that about two kilos of which we do not have excess correspond to the liver and kidneys : our detox organs par excellence. We also have lungs, intestines, skin, and a lymphatic system that aid in the cumbersome task of getting rid of crap.

Although it is true that our kidneys have a “filter” system, today I want to send a reassuring message: at this point, no one has the batter of squid clogging the nephrons anymore. There is also no shrimp from Huelva obstructing the common bile duct, so we do not need a lance shaped artichoke to give it the push.

We are very lucky that our organs, alone, do it phenomenally. If anyone doubts it, I recommend that you take a look at Dr. Guyton’s Treatise on Physiology . Although of course, science-fiction (or rather, pseudoscience-fiction) is preferred today to the classics.

 So shouldn’t you detoxify?

In principle, if we have not accidentally taken half a liter of bleach on the beach or given drugs, no.

We do not have to do any detox diet because we are not intoxicated.  It is true that some foods can contain harmful substances and we could be poisoned with heavy metals if, for example, we consume high amounts of certain blue fish. But I doubt that is the case, because in addition to eating tuna belly with tomato, marinated salmon or bluefin tuna at the beach bar, we also like to order other things.

In any case, if we suffered from any type of poisoning of this type, the solution would not be to take colored juices either, but rather by the hospital.

Why do we feel better when we follow a cleansing diet?

Fundamentally for psychological and physical reasons:

– Psychological : We have Jiminy Cricket whispering in our ears how badly we have behaved. Whoever does not have Cricket Pepper, has a zipper that does not go up or a button that bursts, which for that matter is the same or even more effective.

The fact of following a purifying diet is a kind of expiation, of penance. Of course, without any purpose of amendment in the medium and long term. The bad news is that these types of aggressive diets sustained over time are associated with apathy and irritability, so the joys are few in the house of the debugger.

– Physical : The mere fact of stopping drinking alcohol , eating processed foods and with a high fat component (that beach routine of eating batons, eating paella, dining shrimp omelets and then ice cream, a cup, coffee and cigar), clearly helps to feel lighter.

Yes, but with detox juices you lose weight … 

What are we up to, friends? Do we want to lose weight or lose weight? I am very clear about it. To the little Spaniards and ordinary Spaniards, we don’t care much about purifying ourselves by throwing anything away. What we want is to lose weight and these detox diets are a metaphor. An excuse for the same purpose.

And yes, they lose weight just as you squeeze juices at home and dedicate yourself to drinking them exclusively. They lose weight just as if you stop eating for three days. They lose weight,  like the diet of the potito, the soup, the grapefruit or the maple syrup. They lose weight, but they are untrue , and with potential contraindications and side effects.

Can purifying diets be harmful?

Some of the risks of energy restriction are the deficit of nutrients such as protein or vitamins. They can also lead to electrolyte imbalances. On the other hand, the abuse of laxatives and diuretics and other weight loss plants can cause cramps, bloating, nausea, vomiting and even dehydration.

The Apothecary’s advice

It is human to sin in August and psychologically it can always be a good month to rethink our eating habits. Precisely for this reason we must forget which is the best purifying diet, the fastest, the most comfortable or the one that is most famous. The miracles to Fatima, or to my Christ of the Three Falls.

My advice is less attractive, but more effective: if you are concerned about your overweight, look for a good nutritionist, I assure you that it is not necessary to go to Italy as Messi . Put yourself in their hands and don’t be in a hurry . Of course, forget about magical cereals and Queen Letizia’s sophisticated  Perricone diet . They will probably propose Machado’s diet: that of making your way (and losing pounds) when you walk.


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