Best Auto Rocket League

Let’s find out in our ranking the best Auto Rocket League 2021 to be able to get higher scores and win the challenges proposed by the most particular game in the world. Rocket League is in fact an arcade based on two opposite categories: football and cars.

Without going too specific this game for PC and Console allows you to customize your cars to make them faster or with special abilities. But now let’s check out the best Rocket League cars!

Best Auto Rocket League

The aim of the game is to score in the opponent’s goal with your own car in a series of matches (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, etc …) over the 5 minutes provided (also the golden goal).

There are different modes and different cars and it is possible to increase their skills by purchasing credits and obtaining victories. The game has become free (go to the official website to download it) but winning is not easy at all.

In addition to a certain skill in obtaining bonuses and driving, you must have the necessary means to defeat your opponents. Since these are cars, it is therefore good to get the best rocket league cars to win and win the first places in the standings and the prizes offered.

Now let’s see all the best cars in the game and some key features to choose them for. We remind you that each player will be able to buy more cars and that by leveling up you will get upgrades and experience points. Here is a brief summary and then their characteristics:

  • Octane
  • After shock
  • Batmobile
  • Dominus
  • Breakout


Let’s start with one of the best rocket league cars in the game, the small but versatile Octane . This car is used by both newbies and professionals because it allows you to perform at your best in almost all game modes.

It is a shorter car than its competitors but it is fast, powerful and above all very smooth to drive. It is used by many professional gamers and this is already a synonym for quality.


Let’s move on to a car that has been revolutionized since its inception and which is especially useful for the attack, as it is very wide and also very powerful. We are talking about the Aftershock .

Several customization kits that excited the fans and among the most used in the 3 vs 3 in combination with other faster but less powerful cars.


Aesthetically stunning, especially for lovers of the dark knight, this machine is famous for its agility and half flips. The Batmobile is perhaps not the best rocket league car (compared to the previous ones) but it can give emotions and fun.


Its name is the translation of Domain and this is precisely its main feature, the offensive domain. Thanks to its wide structure and its shooting power it is one of the most suitable cars for lovers of attacking football.

Dominus is also one of the most downloaded cars and one of the most customized among game lovers.


One of the best rocket league cars and also one of the most coveted is the Breakout . The main feature of this car is its precision under goal, which makes it the “sniper” of the game.

Even if it does not excel in power and speed, its exceptional aim compensates for these small defects and for lovers of restarts and the heist game it is perfect.

Best Auto Rocket League. The other cars to consider

We have selected the top 5 rocket league cars but there are many more to consider. The closest to perfection is the Takumi , a powerful and complete machine that makes its best weapon in the speed-to-power ratio. Among the other cars to try we point out the Mantis and the Nimbus and among the “armored” the small Merc and the larger Marauder .

Whatever your game tactic, we have tried to help you choose your car with our ranking. Continue to view our site and read other insights in the Videogame section . We also leave you a short video to view all the machines in the game.


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