Palanganero. Wooden or iron cabinet where the basin was placed in the home to wash.


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A wooden or iron furniture about 85 centimeters high is called a basin where, before the plumbing was spread in the home, the basin was placed to wash.



The palanganero consists of an upper frame in which the basin was fitted and two lateral handles in which the towels were hung.

Between the legs, about twenty centimeters from the ground is a platform on which the cube was placed . The rear legs were extended to house a mirror that rose above the basin at the top.

The basin could be metal or earthenware. In the second case, it had a central hole with a stopper so that the water fell onto the bucket .


The palanganero was in the bedrooms and was used for personal hygiene. It was complemented by an earthenware or metal jug that contained the water as well as other toiletries such as soap or towels.

Today, palanganeros are still for sale in antique shops or as a reproduction of the old ones for decoration.


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