The Banner Saga 3 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to The Banner Saga 3 , where we will teach you the basics so that you can learn to fight the darkness for yourself without suffering major losses in the process.

Tips to start playing

  • It may seem very obvious, but we strongly recommend that you play the first two installments of the trilogy before making the jump to this third part. Doing this will make you enjoy this conclusion much more as you see the consequences of your past choices and understand the whole story.
  • If you do not keep your save game from The Banner Saga 2or simply want to create a new file directly in this third part, we recommend that you choose Rook as the protagonist, since he has a series of skills much more efficient and useful than Alette, what which will greatly facilitate the battles you have to fight.
  • For a first game, we recommend playing on “Normal” difficulty, since the challenge is very well balanced to offer something challenging and tense without reaching high levels of frustration, which will allow you to enjoy both the fighting and the narrative without that they get in the way of each other. Anyway, the difficulty is something you can change whenever you want, both before starting a new game and during it, so if Normal seems too easy or difficult, you will have the option to change it.
  • You never have enough supplies or clan members, so don’t hesitate to choose the decisions that allow you to get more. In the same way, save some Renown to also buy resources when the opportunity arises, since when you reach a certain point in the adventure you will need all you can.
  • Prioritize characters that have a lot of strength over others, since this way you can do direct damage to the enemies’ life bar from the beginning of the battle, which will also allow you to reduce their attack power, which will will give a great advantage during the rest of the confrontation.
  • Shop gear items aren’t especially useful, so it’s not worth spending your Renown on them. There are other methods to achieve them, such as overcoming battles by waves, so you will save Renown to improve your characters and buy supplies for your clan members.
  • Keep an eye on the bar that shows the turn order. Usually, it will always be up to an enemy to move after one of our units acts. By always showing order, we can plan our strategies in advance to nullify or weaken our rivals before their turn comes.
  • Try to level up all your characters. The new limit that can be reached is 15, so try to weaken enemies with your most powerful units so that they are finished off by your weakest warriors and thus accumulate murders and experience.
  • Always try to fight until the end of a wave battle. If you hold on, you can earn much more popularity and even various rare items with which to equip and empower your heroes.
  • Remember that not all battles are compulsory, so perhaps you prefer to try to go the diplomatic route to resolve certain conflicts using your gift of speech.

All about the fighting in The Banner Saga 3

If we want to succeed in The Banner Saga 3 , in addition to making good decisions we will have to learn to fight with some ease so that the enemies do not succeed in overcoming us . In fact, almost all the gameplay of the game falls on these confrontations, so we have decided to dedicate a section of our guide to teach you how its different mechanics work.


Before the battle begins we will be given the option of preparing for it, something you should always do. The first thing is to choose the characters that we want to participate in the confrontation , so try to bet on a varied and balanced group that allows you to adapt to all kinds of situations. In other words, combine both melee and ranged combatants and support units. Obviously, if any of them does not have an item equipped, you should assign an item to them to improve their performance in the fight.

Finally, we will have to decide the initial positioning of our units . The squares where we can place them are very limited, but, at least, we will be able to position our melee fighters in the front line of combat and leave behind those heroes who are weaker but very effective at long distances, thus giving us a very important tactical advantage to avoid taking any unpleasant surprises afterwards


The order of the turns is always shown at the bottom of the screen , which will allow us to know at all times who is going to act at all times. In general, we will always move a character, then the enemy will do the same with one of his units, and thus the turns of both factions will be interspersed.

As might be expected, this order can be altered if we make use of certain abilities. Also, when only one rival is left alive we will enter Pillage mode, in which all our heroes will act before the rival has the opportunity to do something.

It should also be noted that in the same turn we can move and attack, or move and use a skill . Another option is to use the pass turn button without implementing any of these actions.


Moving in The Banner Saga 3 is very simple. When you touch one of our units, its range of motion will be displayed, represented by blue and yellow squares . The blue ones can be reached simply by selecting them, while the yellow ones will require us to spend Will, something that could be very useful for us to reach an enemy and not miss a turn before we can hit him.

As expected, there will be many maps in which we find all kinds of obstacles and traps . Some can be destroyed to make way for us, although we will lose our turn doing this, so you will have to carefully assess which is the best route for each situation. Similarly, you should try to avoid going through harmful areas, such as spaces where there is a fire.


The will is our most precious resource, since thanks to it we can enhance our blows and abilities, and move further . To do this, simply select the number of will points you want to spend (represented as stars that appear on the order we are giving) before confirming the action. Each action has a maximum of will points that can be invested, so try not to waste them or abuse your skills to avoid being sold at the worst time.

To recover them during the fighting there are several methods . On the one hand, if we keep our group in good spirits we will earn extra points, while on the other hand, there are certain skills, titles and artifacts that will guarantee us new ways of obtaining will. Finally, the Rook and Alette caravan has a Horn that we can use to earn several Will points when we see it necessary.

Strength and Armor

Each unit has two different gauges: Force and Armor . The first represents the life it has and the damage it is capable of doing to the opponent’s Force bar, while the Armor indicates the ability to absorb damage it has.

In this way, the more Force we have, the more damage we will do , although if they hurt us and reduce our Force bar, our offensive capabilities will decrease in equal proportion.

Thus, we will be interested in wounding our enemies as soon as possible so that their responses to our attacks are much less effective , although their level of armor can make this a problem. For example, if we have 12 Strength and the enemy has 10 armor, we will only do two points of damage.

As a consequence of this, when attacking we will have the option to choose if we want to try to damage his Force bar or the Armor bar . For the first, our Force is taken into account, while for the second, the value taken is the one we have to break armor. Of course, if we use an ability, depending on it we will attack one thing or another.

Choosing the type of damage we want to do is very important, although as we have already said, you should try to prioritize whenever you can Force damage to weaken your rivals, especially at the beginning of the battle, at which point they are more dangerous.

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The horn and the spear

Each of the two caravans that star in this adventure has a special artifact that if used with a head, can give us a great advantage in battle.

  • The Horn: This is the object of Rook and Alette’s caravan. It can accumulate a certain number of charges that we can use to recover the Will of the character that uses it. It can be used at any time during our shift.
  • The Spear: This is the special item of the Iver / Juno / Eyvind caravan. Accumulate several charges and if we use one of them we will carry out a magical attack on an enemy that will also damage the rivals that are close to your position, so if we take advantage of it to use it when several of our opponents are together, we will be able to take advantage of it.

All about The Banner Saga 3 Wave Battles

The Banner Saga 3 has introduced a new type of special combat, in which enemies can receive reinforcements if we do not finish them in time. Be careful, these confrontations are the least numerous of the whole adventure, but also the most complicated . Its characteristics are the following:

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  • An icon with a number will appear in the shift bar. That number represents the number of turns remaining until the next wave appears. If this reaches zero, new reinforcements will appear that we will have to face.
  • If, on the contrary, we manage to take victory before the score reaches zero, we will be given a choice between running away or continuing fighting. Although the most tempting thing could be to escape as soon as possible to ensure victory, the truth is that the best option of the two is to stay and fight to try to overcome all the waves of that confrontation.

By doing this, we will be able to change the members of our active group for characters that are totally healthy , we will have the opportunity to gain a lot of popularity and, if this were not enough, we will obtain a very powerful team item for defeating the mini-boss that we wait on the last wave. Each new wave is usually more powerful than the previous one, although the effort is something that is very worthwhile, since it will make your life easier in the future.

  • Running away can have negative consequences in the story, so here is another reason to fight to the end. The only situation in which we recommend you escape is when you have a multitude of injured characters and it is not too viable to continue fighting.
  • Switch your active heroes whenever you can after each wave, unless that character has taken little damage and can continue to wreak havoc on the battlefield.
  • When a new wave is about to start, the game will inform us of the position in which the enemies will appear. Take advantage of this to your advantage to place your units in strategic positions where they have an advantage.
  • Completing all the waves of a battle guarantees us a very powerful item. This is always different in all the confrontations, so you will not receive any repeated.

How to import the game from The Banner Saga 2 to The Banner Saga 3.

Like many other trilogies, The Banner Saga 3 allows us to import our save file from The Banner Saga 2 in order to preserve all of our choices and their consequences , something that will help us maintain continuity and enjoy this fantastic story even more. . Therefore, we repeat it again: play The Banner Saga 1 and 2 before making the jump at the end of the trilogy.

To import your game from the previous title, you simply have to select the option to start a new game . Here we will be given a choice between Rook and Alette, although at the top of the screen the option to import our save file will also appear.

The program is designed so that it automatically searches for our games in the second part , although in the event that you had problems finding them in the PC version, we recommend moving them to the following directory:


C: \ Users \ your_username \ AppData \ Roaming

Of course, we also have the option to start a new game regardless , although in this case they will only give us a choice if we want it to be Alette who survived in The Banner Saga 1 or Rook , thus losing all the other decisions that we could have made, since these will be predetermined, like the levels of our heroes.

The things that are predetermined in a new save file and that the game will not let us modify in any way (unless we import) are the following:

  • Any decision that we could make in the previous two games.
  • The available heroes (we will find several dead and others who were not recruited) and their skill levels.
  • The number of clan members who follow us.
  • The items we have.

How to get all the endings of The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 includes five possible endings , which will depend, mainly, on the final conversation that Iver and Eyvind will have . Obviously, there are many small details along our way that will be determined by the choices we make throughout the trilogy, although the final resolution of the conflict only has five possible variants.

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Below we explain what you have to do to obtain each one of them , without notifying you previously that it is important that you see the credits of the game, since during them more scenes and sequences of each ending are shown.

How to get each of the five finals

First end

To obtain this end, we will simply have to choose the first option of the final choice, that of ” trusting Eyvind and waiting “. If we do this, we will get one of the “good” endings.


Second end

If we want this ending, in the last conversation we have to choose the option of taking down Eyvind and letting the ritual be done by Alfrun . This is another of the “good” endings.

Third end

To access this ending, we will have to choose all the options in the first lines of dialogue during the conversation that we will have with Eyvind before having to make our last choice. If we do it correctly, Eyvind will be satisfied with our answers and will show a positive attitude towards us.

Once we’ve got this character to trust us, we’ll have to choose the ” This is not what Juno wanted ” option from the final choice, which will trigger another one of the “good” endings.

Final room

If we want to see the world burn with the “bad” ending of the game , we will have to do exactly the same as for the third ending, although changing our responses during the last conversation to the lines of dialogue below . By doing this, Eyvind will start to lose control and react very badly to the final option of ” This is not what Juno wanted “.

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Fifth final

To get this ending we need to lose our final battle against Bolverk in Chapter 21 so that all adventure heroes die except for Iver, Juno and Eyvind. If this occurs, the end second option in the last conversation will change to ” kill Eyvind while distracted “. If we do all of this, we will see other “bad” endings.

How to advance your characters in The Banner Saga 3

In addition to fighting, another very important part of the gameplay of The Banner Saga 3 we have when preparing our warriors for battle, so it is vital that we know all its attributes, characteristics and the different ways that we will have to improve them. to make them more effective in combat.

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These are the different attributes that define the strengths and weaknesses of our heroes .

  • Armor: Determines the number of armor points that we will have in battle. The higher this value is, the more damage we will reduce when attacked.
  • Strength: Probably the most important statistic of all, since it determines both our life points and the damage we can do. In this way, when we are hurt, our ability to do damage will be reduced in equal measure, so it would be very convenient for you to prioritize this attribute over others in all your heroes.
  • Will: Defines the number of Will points we will have available for a battle. Considering how useful they are, it would also be convenient for you to maximize this attribute.
  • Effort: Determine the number of Will points we can use at one time to power an action.
  • Breakage: This value is the one that marks the damage we can do to the enemy’s armor, something that will be great for those rivals who have many armor points.

How to level up

For a hero to level up, we will have to kill a certain number of enemies that are indicated on his character sheet . This means that they have to give the coup de grace to an opponent, so it is perfectly possible for an opponent to be weakened by one unit so that it can be finished off by another to count the loss.


Once we have achieved enough casualties to level up, they will give us the option to promote our hero in his character sheet. Of course, to carry out the promotion we will have to spend Renown points , so the process will not be exactly free.

When we level up, we will earn skill points that we can invest in improving our statistics according to what we prefer . If we select an attribute that is already at the maximum, we can invest these points in one of its two possible passive improvements, which can reach level three. There are two possible passive improvements for each attribute, although we can only choose one for each stat.

Heroic Titles

On the other hand, when we have risen to level 11 they will allow us to unlock a Heroic Title for our character. There are many of them, although we can only choose one per unit, so try to select the one that most enhances the style of play of that warrior. For example, a Varl will be interested in a title that increases its strength.

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Here too, keep in mind that each title has up to five different ranges , so the higher it is, the more powerful its effects will be. Of course, to obtain new ranges we will have to invest Renown in them.


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