Balance . Final result of a matter, favorable or unfavorable for someone or something, that can be expressed numerically. Etymologically the term comes from the Italian “balance”, and this at the same time from the Latin “solĭdus” which means “solid”, voice from which the word salary also derives.


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Meaning according to context

The word balance can have several meanings that will depend on the context in which the word is used .

  • Accounting: inequality that exists between debts ( expenses ) and credits ( income ), which is creditor when the balance is in favor, that is, the credit is greater than the debit; on the other hand, the balance is debtor when the debts are greater; and it is called a null balance when these two are equal.

Also, another meaning of balance is the amount that an account results in favor or against the holder of the same. For example, when you go to the bank and want to know the result of the account, this term is used to refer to the result of the bank account .

  • Commercial context: when an individual buys an item or objectin a certain store, but does not have the necessary or complete amount of money , of the cost of the item, so he delivers part of its cost; This is called a down payment and the part that remains to be paid is called a balance.

Another meaning of the term balance, is used in certain countries around the world , in order to describe the act carried out by merchants or manufacturers, which is to sell their remaining merchandise at a low price , in order to sell them in the shortest time. possible, or because of a transfer, bankruptcy, or transfer.

  • On the other hand, the balance can also refer to when you are going to pay for a serviceor a good, but you do not have money and leave a signal. What remains to be paid is called the balance.
  • Event: the balance is what resulted from the event, which can be favorable or unfavorable. It can be understood as an event, a car accident, a tornado, cyclone, tsunami, a final exam, among others.

The concept of balance applies to all kinds of personal, company , organization accounts … There is no distinction for this term, it is the same for everyone.

  • Cellularor mobile telephony : It is the money available on a line or card to communicate. Broadly speaking, mobile telephony is offered in two forms: by contract, which provides customers with a series of well-defined benefits in a package for which they pay a fixed amount every month; by card, which works on the basis of a cash balance, which is consumed as the different services are used, until a recharge is necessary.


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