How to attack on Clash of Clans

Are you looking for a guide explaining how to attack on Clash of Clans ? Very well, we are here! In this tutorial we will give you all the information to carry out an attack on the popular mobile game. If you want to know what is the best tactic to win a battle then all you have to do is follow the instructions we are about to give you. Enjoy the reading!


How to attack on Clash of Clans

Are you looking for the best tactic to train your army and launch your first attack on Clash of Clans? Excellent, you are on the right tutorial! In the next lines we will provide you with all the instructions to launch an attack on a village, both in multiplayer and single mode.

Don’t waste any more time: take five minutes of your free time. You will then have all the necessary information on how to attack on Clash of Clans . Are you ready? Great, let’s go!

Attack a village on Clash of Clans

Before you start attacking you need to train your army well, as well as create the right spells. Once this is done, you can proceed to search for a village by identifying the most vulnerable one: press on the ” Attack ” option (found at the bottom left) and then tap on “Find a game”.

An identified village will be loaded: at this point consider whether to attack or not. How to do? Look for the item ” Loot available ” (you can find it at the top left) and check first of all if the village in question actually has something to steal. Then carefully evaluate the enemy’s defenses, their position in particular, to understand the best strategy. Remember that you have 30 seconds to decide: after these, you will be forced to attack.

Once you have made your assessments, you can: launch the attack, return to your village by pressing “End Battle” or continue the search by pressing “Next”. Each search has its own cost, which you will have to bear even if you want to return to your village. If you have decided to attack, select the troops to deploy and press the exact position where you want your warriors to start the battle. To deploy a single warrior, press once, while to deploy a platoon, keep your finger pressed on the display.

The best tactic to attack essentially depends on what you want to get from the battle : you can choose the warriors with more resistance to knock down walls, cannons and turrets, so as to then have free access to the turrets. Alternatively, if your goal was to do as much damage as possible to the attacked village, opt for warriors who can quickly plunder and destroy any type of defended building.

More tips and single player modes

The study of the attack and its beginning is as important as the conduct, also to evaluate whether to employ other warriors or not. After starting the battle, you have three minutes to steal as many resources as you can and destroy the village. Is the attack proceeding well? Then there is no need to add more troops unnecessarily. Otherwise, you can get support from other warriors, or decide for a wise surrender by pressing the button of the same name.

If an enemy village attacked you and you wanted to do the same by returning the “favor”, go to the “Messages” section (envelope icon **) and select the “Defenses register” tab, then press ” Vendetta “, the button user you want to attack.

All we have seen so far was about the multiplayer mode, that is, the one that allows you to attack the villages of other users. On Clash of Clans, however, there is also a single player : if you choose this you can attack villages populated by Goblin. To do this, go to “Attack” and tap on “Attack” (item visible on the previous map, in the “Single Player” section). The tactics are the same as those seen in the previous lines, but there is a big difference: there is no time limit for the conclusion of the battle.

How to attack on Clash of Clans: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to attack on Clash of Clans . Before leaving, however, we must tell you one last thing: on this mobile game you can’t attack … friends. We specify it because many ask it: although it is possible to search for your friends and send them a friend request, it is not allowed to attack their villages. We just have to wish you a lot of fun!


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