Atol (Atole)

Atol (Atole) . Atole (from Nahuatl ‘aguado’ atolli, from atl agua y tol, derogatory diminutive), also known as atol in some regions, in others as “atole syrup” is a drink of pre-Hispanic origin widely consumed in Mexico , Guatemala and El Salvador .


The word Atol has the meaning of a drink prepared from corn and water. Today in El Salvador there are several kinds of atoles prepared not only based on corn, as was the tradition of their ancestors but you can enjoy a wide variety of these delicious drinks, among which they stand out: the atol of seed of cashew, pineapple atol, corn atol, roasted corn atol, piñuela atol and the traditional chuco atol. These drinks are enjoyed hot and can be accompanied by French bread or sweet bread.

It is very common that the drink is seasoned with aromatic spices ( cocoa , vanilla , cinnamon , anise , orange blossom , orange leaves) and other flavorings (chocolate, juice or sweet fruit pulp), to increase its palatability. Traditionally it is sweetened with piloncillo , sugar or honey . It is also usually made with milk instead of water.

Currently, it can be found with many flavors such as: strawberry , vanilla , chocolate , guava , pineapple , blackberry , plum , mango , coconut , cinnamon , walnut and cheese .

Originally it was made solely from corn dough, but today it is prepared with corn flour or ready-to-make formulas, based on corn semolina, wheat or rice.


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