Aristotelian Political Philosophy

Humans are social creatures who can not live alone, so that in every dimension of behavior in the social environment is in dire need of the role of others.

The meaning is interpreted by Aristotle as zoon politicon  or animal society  which means social creature. Humans can not live alone but need the role of others to interact, the process has a specific goal that is to meet the social needs of himself and society. It is human egoism that gives birth to adverse effects on the surrounding communities where he lives.

As Glaucon  in the Republic  of Plato  mentions that human beings have free will. With such free will, people find it easy to commit a crime in the name of freedom but it is not easy for others to do the same to themselves.

Therefore, a convention is  needed to give birth to a law. He also stated that law and morality were born from conventions conducted by humans, and the state is the result of human conventions themselves to protect the interests that are in them.



As agreed with what was conveyed in the republika book , Aristotle  also viewed the same thing. But he does not necessarily believe an argument if the truth is not found first.

Aristotle  interpreted the convention as essentially aimed at creating a good life for humans, his opinion gave birth to political ideas.

Politics according to   Aristotle  comes from the word Polis  which means city or association. Politics, according to him, is not only limited to association but has a purpose to create a better life, not only to himself but the public interest is also included in the political goal itself.

Politics has the goal of benefit. In practice, politics is likened to a lump of stone and humans are the perpetrators to polish the lump of stone. To give birth to political goals, there are three important points to realize a good life. First,  there are chunks that we will polish into a certain form.

Second, before realizing the shape, we first analyze and imagine how we will create it. This relates to the stages we need and we are preparing to make the shape. Third, there is a goal that is produced after the form was created.

In this point, Aristotle  stated that luck and economy were one of the goals after the shape of the statue was created. After the human goal is reached, it will give birth to a good life and prosperity ( Eudaimonia) . Aristotle  mentions eudaimonia in his thought ( Nikomakhean Ethics)  mentioning eudaimonia  is the essence of politics itself.

The development of the times and human egoism are obstacles to creating a good politics. People flock to create luxurious life for personal gain, even though the basic meaning of politics does not justify self-beneficial behavior.


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