Anthem Guide: Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Welcome to our guide to Anthem , where we will help you become the best Booksellers in all of Bastion so that you do not resist any of the threats that you will have to face throughout your adventure.


Anthem’s story presents us with a hostile and wild world, in which the Hymn of Creation , a divine power from the past, does both good and evil for humans trying to survive. Sheathed in exoskeletons called Halberds, the booksellers protect humanity .

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In the midst of all this chaos, the Dominion, a military faction with great desire for power, will try to take control of the Hymn and it will be necessary to awaken a power as old as that of the gods to face them. We currently have three story blocks to follow:

  • Plot of El Vigía: prevents the Dominion from seizing the power of El Himno.
  • Challenges of the Legionaries: after drawing the attention of the highest levels, we are made a unique offer.
  • ExpansionsAnthem will be updatedsoonwith new completely free missions.
  • Puzzles: There are a few puzzles that we must overcome in some specific missions to be able to advance.
  • The Tombs of the Legionaries Discover how to enter the tombs of the former members of the Legion of Dawn.
  • How to get Corio: At some point Corio will ask us to continue with the story. Find out how to get it quickly.


Types of Halberds

The Halberd is the main equipment of your character. There are four types of Halberds , each with its main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Although at first you can only handle one , as you level up they give you access to all of course. Sooner or later you will find out on your own which is the best of all , do not worry.

There may be new models later, but currently we have:

  • Command: the standard Halberd. Versatile, resistant and aggressive . You will start the game with it.
  • Colossus: the team’s heavyweight . Superior armor than the rest of the Halberds and an anti-tank gun capable of neutralizing any threat.
  • Storm: This Halberd is a magician capable of launching fire, ice and lightning bolts at large groups of enemies , leaving them within range of the rest of the team.
  • Interceptor: Explorer’s Halberd, the most agile and fastest model in the game. Her ability to stab enemies at full speed, retreat, and drop explosives along the way makes her most efficient.


Within Fort Tarsis there are three Factions , each with their own missions, rewards and Contracts for our character. They are the main drivers in our history, and leveling up will help us get good pieces of equipment :

  • How to quickly level up the Factions: it is better to be clear about how you can do it so that everything runs smoothly.
  • Level up rewards:why is leveling up worth it? Here we explain it to you.
  • Arcanists: those in charge of investigating everything related to the world.
  • Freelancers: free contractors, responsible for accepting orders from all kinds of clients.
  • Sentinels: charged with protecting Fort Tarsis and heirs to the Legion of Dawn mission.
  • Legendary Contracts:Factions have special contracts to offer us, which will give us great rewards.


Once you have advanced enough, a series of special dungeons are unlocked , which can only be visited from the Bulwarks section . Completing these assignments gives a fair amount of prizes in the form of equipment and components .

In addition, you will have to fight powerful final bosses, also exclusive to these dungeons , and that will give problems to the players who go to these places without adequate preparation.

  • Queen’s Mine Find out how their acid weaponry escares them.
  • The temple of eschar: in the depths of a mine inhabits one of the highest authorities among the Escara.
  • The Heart of Fury Relive the thrilling endgame combat as many times as you like.

Bastion and Region Collectibles

Among the numerous Challenges of the game we have two huge blocks, which will take us an indecent amount of hours if we want to complete them completely. In our Anthem Collectibles section we show you how to find:

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  • All Runes.
  • All the files.
  • All viewpoints.
  • All locations of game regions (Districts, Points of Interest and Hidden Places).

Tips to start playing

  • At the beginning of the game we will be given a choice between four different types of halberds, each with its own characteristics and special abilities. Don’t worry too much about this choice, since as you level up you will also unlock the rest, so make sure that the first of all is the one you like the most and attract your attention.
  • For your second halberd, we recommend that you choose Storm. Her skills are so powerful that they allow you to play solo in Free Play and accomplish tasks without too much trouble when your friends are unavailable.
  • Floating and shootingis usually a very good strategy to avoid enemy attacks and put yourself in an advantageous position.
  • Do not stay still. The battles are very dynamic and we will suffer attacks from all imaginable directions, so always keep moving. Also, don’t forget to use your lap ability to reposition yourself and get out of difficult places.
  • Use your skills constantly. These recharge in just a few seconds and are a very valuable resource during confrontations, so do not hesitate to abuse them.
  • The game is not designed for solo play (there are too many enemies for a single player), so if you don’t have any friends available and you want to go on missions, take advantage of the existence of public games so that the matchmaking system will find youadventure companions .
  • Focus on the mission objectives. Eliminating enemies as if there were no tomorrow can be tempting, but you will finish much sooner if you focus on the orders that they indicate.
  • If you are lucky enough to play with friends, take advantage of voice chat to coordinate with them and create combos. These techniques are very powerful and will allow us to do a lot of damage, but they require each player to know what they have to do and at all times. In addition, it is convenient that you get used to this as soon as possible, since in the postgame, in the highest difficulties, they become something essential.
  • It is recommended that you focus first on completing the main plotto unlock all its contents and have access to everything the game offers, which will make your progress much more efficient, since everything you do after the credits will count in the record of the Challenge of Valor, a mission that will ask us to complete many activities and that will take us a long time to finish.
  • If a mission resists you, do not hesitate to use consumables before the start of the expedition to make things easier. This is especially important in the highest difficulties, where the damage we will receive multiplies.


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