Amazon Echo Auto;How It Works

Find out what the new Amazon Echo Auto is, how it works and what it is for.

On 17 June 2020 the new Amazon Echo Auto was also launched in Italy , the device that allows you to bring Alexa even in the car.

Small in size and with a really affordable price, the new Amazon  branded product  allows you to take advantage of the services of Alexa, Amazon’s famous voice assistant, even while you are traveling.

Read on to find out in detail what Amazon Echo Auto is, how it works and what it is for .

  1. What is Amazon Echo Auto
    1. Where to buy Amazon Echo Auto
  2. What Amazon Echo Auto is for
  3. How Amazon Echo Auto Works

What is Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto is an Amazon branded device that allows you to take Alexa even in the car, taking advantage of the convenience of your voice assistant wherever you are. Amazon Echo Auto is  more than just a car stereo  and allows you to listen to radio stations from all over the world thanks to TuneIn or streaming content with Spotify, Audible, Appple Music, Deezer and Amazon Music .

Thanks to Alexa, just use your voice to ask the Echo Auto to let you listen to your favorite music, the latest news and more. Thanks to its 8 microphones and long-range voice recognition, Amazon Echo Auto can hear your commands even if you are listening to music or there are external noises.

Where to buy Amazon Echo Auto

The new  Amazon Echo Auto  can be purchased on the e-commerce giant Amazon and is available for free shipping for subscribers to the Prime service.

Amazon Prime is free for one month for all new subscribers, then automatically renews for € 3.99 per month, or € 36 per year. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you are a student you can take advantage of the promotion designed especially for you, Prime Student .

You can sign up for Amazon Prime here .

You can buy  Amazon Echo Auto  here:

Echo Auto – Take Alexa in the car with you

59.99 EUR

Buy on Amazon

What Amazon Echo Auto is for

Now that you know what Amazon Echo Auto is , let’s see together what it is for and why you won’t be able to do without it:

  • Listen to streaming music,
  • Listen to your favorite audiobooks in streaming,
  • Listen to radio stations from all over the world,
  • Check your calendar,
  • Make a call,
  • Access your favorite content thanks to the Alexa app,
  • Entertain your travel companions with fun games,
  • Listen to the latest news,
  • Manage voice recordings,
  • Update the to-do list,
  • Set reminders,
  • Call compatible Echo devices you keep at home,
  • Announce that you are about to arrive by connecting to compatible Echo devices,
  • Customize Alexa with the appropriate Skills (now you can also customize the Skills of your device thanks to Alexa Skill Blueprint ).

How Amazon Echo Auto Works

Now that you know  what Amazon Echo Auto is and what it is for , let’s find out  how it works to start using Amazon’s voice assistant even while you’re in the car.

If you want to buy Amazon Echo Auto you need to know that it is not compatible with all cars. You can check if your car is compatible with the device in the appropriate section, present in the purchase link. You must also have a smartphone and check its compatibility with the device:  Amazon Echo Auto connects to the Alexa App on your smartphone.

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