8 Alternatives to cow’s milk

Today we offer you some alternatives to cow’s milk all vegetable, now we see some and their nutritional properties.Among the most popular types of vegetable milk we find rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, oats, millet, hazelnuts and hemp milk .

In recent years we find them easily on the market, thanks to some producers and the greater diffusion of natural food stores and products from organic farming.

  1. Avena’s milk

Oat milk has a good content of folic acid, which is indicated for cell turnover and is essential for pregnant women. It also has invigorating and regenerating properties, does not contain cholesterol.

  1. Hemp milk

Hemp milk is obtained from the pressing of its seeds and is rich in essential fats (Omega 3). It is also indicated especially for children, because it contains a good percentage of both fat and protein.

  1. Almond milk

Almond milk is an ancient and widespread drink, it is rather caloric and energetic. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that protect and strengthen the cardiovascular system, its consumption helps reduce the aging process and is rich in essential minerals such as potassium and calcium.

  1. Soya milk

Soy milk is the one that has less calories and more protein (almost as much as cow’s milk) among all plant milks. Lowers bad cholesterol and is rich in iron and vitamin B 1. This drink contains no gluten, and is therefore suitable for coeliacs.

  1. Hazelnut milk

Like all the oil seeds from which these drinks are made, hazelnut milk is very nutritious, energetic and rich in Omega 3, although it is not easy to find in organic stores but it is easy to prepare at home.

  1. Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a drink made from coconut flesh combined with water. It is very sweet and provides a good supply of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid with good antiseptic and anti-infective properties. It is very tasty.

  1. Rice milk

    It is very well known that rice milk is the one that contains less fat. It is rich in simple sugars and has a very pleasant taste. It gives immediate energy and is suitable for all children. The drink obtained from this cereal does not contain gluten and is therefore suitable for celiacs.
  2. Millet milk

Millet milk is an alternative to traditional milk, rich in antioxidants, contains vegetable proteins, helps reduce cholesterol. Millet is defined by the nourishing and revitalizing Valnet. Recommendations for use range from weakness to pregnancy, to intellectual stress to anemia


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