All Minecraft Entity List

Minecraft Entity List.Entity IDs in the Minecraft game. Entities include all mobs (living creatures), all objects and blocks. All entities can be summoned with the summon command. Most of the items can only be summoned as dropped, so they are not shown in the table, you can see them on the item id page by entering the desired ID. Mobs are also not shown on this page, they are on the mob id page . Thus, the table shows only objects and blocks that are summoned in an active state, for example, a fired arrow or a chicken egg that will be broken.

All Minecraft Entity List


  • Entity Summoning Commands
  • Entity IDs

Entity Summoning Commands

All items in the list are summoned with the summon command, for example:

/ summon lightning_bolt – Summon lightning

Dropped items and falling blocks are called with additional NBT parameters in curly braces:

/ summon item ~ ~ 80 ~ {Item: {id: bread, Count: 32}} – Summon 32 falling bread
/ summon falling_block ~ ~ 20 ~ {BlockState: {Name: “anvil”}, Time: 1} – Summon falling anvil

Entity IDs

The essence ID
Dynamite Activated tnt
Trolley with Hopper hopper_minecart
Minecart with Command Block command_block_minecart
Mine Cart with Furnace furnace_minecart
Minecart with Chest chest_minecart
Minecart with Dynamite tnt_minecart
Minecart with Spawner spawner_minecart
Trolley minecart
Exploding Potion potion
Discarded Item item
Fired Ghost Arrow spectral_arrow
Released Arrow arrow
Ender Pearls ender_pearl
Launched Fireworks firework_rocket
Launched Eye of the End eye_of_ender
Picture painting
End Crystal ender_crystal
A boat boat
Small Fireball small_fireball
Lightning lightning_bolt
Effect Cloud area_effect_cloud
Ender Dragon Fireball dragon_fireball
Fire ball fireball
Falling Block falling_block
Llama Spit llama_spit
Bottle of experience experience_bottle
Frame item_frame
Shulker’s projectile shulker_bullet
Snowball snowball
Armor Rack armor_stand
Experience Orb experience_orb
Trident trident
Leash Knot leash_knot
Caster’s fangs evoker_fangs
Wither Skull wither_skull
Egg egg


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