All about cyclamen care

The cyclamen is a type of plant that comes from the Mediterranean forests, with the peculiarity that is capable of growing in the shade of the trees at the time when temperatures fall. Its scientific name is Cylamen Persicum and it belongs to the Primulaceae family .

With simple care, cyclamen can bloom throughout the winter.

We can find different types of cyclamen, being classified based on the size they achieve. Some specimens are very small, while others are of a much larger size, even presenting leaves and flowers of different sizes.

Let’s analyze some of the care of cyclamen to try to recreate your life in nature:

Main care of the cyclamen

Temperature control

As we have already commented, cyclamen is a winter plant, so temperature control is crucial. An excess of heat could kill her.

Although it is true that it is a plant that can be had both outdoors and outdoors, we must assess the area in which we live. For example, we will not give the same outdoor care cyclamen if we live in the Mediterranean area, as in the center.

In the event that the temperature rises above 16ºC, the plant could interpret that the end of its resting stage has already ended, and then the flowers will begin to fall.

For this reason, the plant must be grown in a place that is far from any source of heat. It is quite common to find them in kitchens, since these rooms are usually cooler, compared to others in the house.


Like almost any plant, cyclamen will need sun to survive, although it should never be direct sun. The plant does not tolerate the direct rays of the sun; if it occurs to us to expose it to them, it will not take long to burn.

If we do, it could be interpreted as summer, and in this way its flowers will be damaged early.


But the main enemy of cyclamen is irrigation, especially excess. If you receive too much water, this phenomenon could cause the fall of your flowers to accelerate, and at the same time the plant’s health is irreversibly damaged. If its bulb is flooded, the plant will begin to die unless we put a solution.

This is why experts recommend choosing the immersion irrigation system .

In case you still do not know, this technique refers to submerging the pot in a container in which there is water, and we will leave it like that for 15 minutes or so. In principle, this time will be more than enough for the plant to take what it needs; We will not be fair, nor will we pass.

When you have finished this process, it is best to place the plant on a plate that has marijuana, or gravel, as this can drain the water more.

But wait, we are not done with this point: the temperature of the water must also be controlled , especially if we want to grow cyclamen in summer .

Irrigation water should always be warm, which will prevent the plant from going into shock and expelling the flowers.


We will start with the fertilizer only when we detect that the cyclamen is already taking out the flower buds. For this, we will use a special fertilizer or liquid fertilizer.

We have several ways to apply it: either in a granulated form, or by integrating it into irrigation.


Before flowering occurs, which will result in pink leaves, there will be some flowers that can wear out and die. To avoid that, we will have to prune the withered flowers very carefully, but being careful not to break the stem.

A very common problem is cyclamen yellow leaves . Although it is not known with certainty what is the reason for this result, some experts say that it has to do with the air; it is very possible that it has been very warm and dry, that it has widely exceeded the border of 17ºC.


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