Alki zei

Alki Zei , shows the biographical synthesis of this Greek novelist, with a socialist tendency, who has a considerable literary work. Some of these works have been published in Cuba , as is the case of the youth novel El tigre en la vitrina , which was even brought to the Cuban screen through the Tele Rebelde channel as a series in the adventure space, under the name of The tiger .


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  • 1 Biographical synthesis
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Biographical synthesis

Alki Zei was born in Athens , Greece , in 1925 . He studied Philosophy at the University of Athens , and Dramatic Art and Cinematography at the Moscow Film Institute . He publishes his first work for puppet theater.

She lives from 1954 to 1964 in the Soviet Union as a political refugee. He lived in exile during the dictatorship of the Board of Colonels and returned to Greece with his family in 1964 ; However, they had to leave the country again when the Junta retakes power in 1967 . He then went to Paris where he remained until the fall of the dictator.

Literary race

Alki Zei began to write very young from his secondary studies with works for the puppet theater. In 1963 he published his first novel, El tigre en la vitrina , which is autobiographical, since it was inspired by his childhood in Samos . This first work was followed by others aimed at children. In 1987 he wrote his first novel for adults Achilles Fiancee (The Bride of Achilles).

Awards and nominations

His books have been translated into numerous languages, receiving national and international awards, including the Greek National Prize for Children’s Literature.

His youthful novel Constantina and cobweb won the IBBY Prize in Greece for child and adolescent literature. She has also been a nominee in 2004 for the Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writers, and the Astrid Lindgreen Memorial Award for Literature . The Mildred L. Batchelder Prize is awarded for the translation and publication into English in the United States of Wildcat under glass in 1970 , Petro’s War, and The Sound of the Dragon’s Feet (The sound of the dragon’s feet) 1980 .


  • The Purple Umbrella
  • The liar’s grandfather
  • The Tiger in the Showcase ( 1963 )
  • Petros’ War ( 1971 )
  • Achilles’ Bride ( 1991 ]
  • Plato’s Uncle ( 1975 )
  • Hannibal’s Shoes ( 1979 )
  • Constantine and the Cobwebs ( 2002 )
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