akinesia (or acinesi) is an issue that comes up with the decrease or loss of ability to do automatic movements , that characterize the spontaneous motor activity. The disorder affects the gesticulatory activity that accompanies language, changes in facial expression and oscillations of the upper limbs while walking.

The term comes from the Greek and is composed of the Greek prefix “a”, which indicates the shortage of something, and “Chinese” which means “movement”, thus signaling a situation in which the affected subject is “without movement”, ie not is unable to move or has serious problems doing so.

What diseases can be linked to akinesia?

The diseases that can be linked to the presence of akinesia are the following:

Parkinson’s disease

Catatonic schizophrenia

It is recalled that this is not a complete list and that it is always better to consult with your doctor in the presence of continuation of the symptom.

What are the solutions against akinesia?

Usually akinesia is not treated directly, that is, through targeted treatment, but is addressed indirectly, that is, through the solution of the medical disease that is at its origin. Symptom solutions depend on the effectiveness of the recommended cure for the condition from which akinesia originates.

When with akinesia when to go to your doctor or to the emergency room?

In the event of an akinesia onset, it is always better to go to your doctor for advice on what to do.

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