What are the advantages of centrifugal separation of Milk over gravity separation?

centrifugal separation of Milk over gravity separation are as follows Separators help people to get the cream and skim milk quickly and preserve perishable dairy products, especially in hot seasons.Low-fat cream immediately use for food. But the cream, fat content of which is 30-40%, use to get butter (fat content 80%) by means of kneading.

1 More rapid.

2. More thorough.

3. Better cream, that can be of any desired percentage of fat.

4. Fresher skim milk.

5. Fermentations can more easily be controlled.

6. Centrifugal force removes insoluble dirt from milk.

7. Less danger of milk and cream absorbing bad odors.

8. Insures a more even quality of butter.

9. Less labor involved.

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