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Adam Scott . He is a young American actor who, in the mid-1990s, got his first professional jobs.


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Biographical synthesis

Paul Adam Scott was born on 3 of April of 1973 in Santa Cruz , a city of the State of California in the United States .

He studied acting at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles.

He originally began working as a dramatic actor, but his great versatility gradually led him towards the path of comedy. In his prolific career, both in film and on stage and television, Scott has received rave reviews.

In the mid-1990s, he got his first professional jobs, including the feature films “Frankie the Fly” (1996), where he acted alongside Dennis Hopper and Daryl Hannah ; “Ronnie” (2002), a thriller that starred him; “The whole truth” (2002), starring Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman ; “The aviator” (2004), by Martin Scorsese; or “The Matador” ( 2005 ), with Pierce Brosnan.

His latest works include the films “The Groom’s Mother” (2005), “The Return” ( 2006 ), “Knocked Up” ( 2007 ), “August”, “Step Brothers” (2008) or “Had to be you “( 2010 ), among many others. He will soon be able to see it in the horror thriller “Piranha 3-D” ( 2010 ), starring Elisabeth Shue and Christopher Lloyd , still in post-production stage.

On television he has participated in the series “Six Feet Under (Two meters underground)”, “Emergency (ER)”, “Murder One”, “NYPD Blue”, “Party of Five”, “Wasteland”, “CSI: Miami “or” Law and Order “, among others. He has also played Palek on the series “Tell Me You Love Me” and currently plays Henry Pollard in the new Starz Network comedy “Party Down.”

In the theater he has had roles in the productions “Uncle Bob”, which was presented in Los Angeles, New York and Edinburgh; “Everett Beekin” in the South Coast Repertory; “Romeo and Juliet” at the Berkeley Shakespeare Festival; “Dealer’s Choice” and “Buffalo Hunters” at the Mark Taper Forum; “Beirut” on the Gardner Stage; “Water and Wine” at the Met Theater; and “Bloody Poetry” at the Globe Theater.

Adam Scott lives in Hollywood , California with his wife, Naomi Sablan .


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