Accounting Chart of Accounts

The Official Accounting Plan of Accounts, also known as POC, is a codification of the type of accounting transactions that can be made by grouping them into classes so that they can be easily consulted and used.

So we have:

Class 1 – Cash and cash equivalents

In cash, we have the company’s liquidity and also short-term investments, up to one year.

Class 2 – Third Parties

In class 2 we have entities outside the company such as the State, customers, suppliers, banks (loans) and even the company’s shareholders. This account also includes other items, namely additions and deferrals, provisions and adjustments to debts receivable.

Class 3 – Stocks

In the stock class, we have the entire list of materials that the company sells, buys and consumes, and also includes advances on account of sales, regularization and stock adjustments.

Class 4 – Fixed assets

The company’s assets are included in this chapter, whether tangible or intangible assets, investments of more than one year and depreciation of fixed assets.

Class 5 – Capital, reserves and retained earnings

Account 5 includes the company’s capital, shares and also the company’s results.

Class 6 – Costs and losses

The costs and losses of the company are accounted for here, the values ​​of this category will be transferred to the Profit and Loss Statement to determine the results.

Class 7 – Income and earnings

The class that records sales, services rendered, financial gains and other gains, joins class 6 in the income statement to calculate the company’s results.

Class 8 – Results

The sub accounts of this class show the company’s results at the end of the year.

Class 9 – Internal accounting of the company

Class 9 is used in cost accounting or analytical accounting using costing systems to record the costs of production or the company’s activities.

The chart of accounts (POC) was approved by Decree Law nº:

  • 410/89 of November 21
  • 238/91 of July 2
  • 35/2005 of 17 February

The Accounting chart of accounts was replaced by the SNC on 1 January 2010.

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