8 Examples of Data Communication in Daily Life

In data communication systems , what is meant by data communication is the active process of sending data from one point to another.

The data transmission itself is carried out through one of the elements of data communication  namely communication channels or transmission media such as copper cables, wireless communication channels, optical fiber, storage media, and computer buses .

Data is presented in the form of electromagnetic signals such as electrical voltage, radio waves, microwaves, or infrared signals. Data communication has now been widely applied in various fields of life such as health, banking, industry, living, and others.

Here are some examples of data communication in daily life:

  1. ATM

ATM or automated teller machine or what is called an automatic teller machine is an electronic telecommunications device that allows bank customers to conduct financial transactions such as cash withdrawals, transfers, deposits, purchases or payments, or just to find out balance information at any time without need to interact directly with bank employees.

ATM was first used in 1967 in London and now almost all cities throughout the world already have an ATM.

  1. Electronic Mail

Another example of data communication which is also an example of digital communication is electronic mail. Electronic mail or electronic mail is a digital mechanism used to exchange messages via the internet or intranet. Messages sent and received by e-mail are usually encoded in ASCII text. Besides text, we can also send and receive messages in the form of images or sounds.

Most e-mails are sent or transmitted as data that is compatible with the computer and runs along the data network. Common forms of electronic mail include telex, transferred message networks, computer-based messaging systems, and facsimile.

  1. Facsimile or Facsimile

Facsimile or fax is one of the information and communication technology equipment . Fax is the transmission of documents or images from one place to another conducted electronically.

Documents that are sent are scanned first and then sent via the telephone network or the internet. In the digital era like now, the presence of the internet as a medium of communication has reduced the use of fax in the business world.

  1. Cellphoneor Mobile

Cellphones or mobile phones are wireless communication devices that allow users to make phone calls or receive telephone calls and send or receive text messages. As a modern communication medium , mobile phones or cellphones also have several other features such as web browsers, game applications, cameras, video players, Bluetooth , and navigation systems. Communications carried out via mobile phones generally use radio waves. [AdSense-b]

  1. Internet

According to KBBI, the internet or Interconnected Network is an electronic communication network that connects computer networks and computer facilities that are organized throughout the world via telephone or satellite.

The internet has become very popular because of some of the findings we now see such as the World Wide Web or multimedia. For example, some multimedia applications that are now widely used in various fields including telephony or VoIP, video sharing, and television over IP.

  1. Intranet

The benefits of the development of communication and information technology include easy access to information. Ease of access to information within the scope of business or organization is marked by the internet. An intranet is a private network that can only be accessed by staff or employees of an organization.

Unlike the internet where information and services are available to the public, intranets are present because they consider the types of information and services that are not intended for the public but for internal organizations or companies.

Intranets are also used to facilitate group work and teleconferencing of a company. An intranet consists of several LAN networks that are interconnected and use standard internet protocols such as TCP / IP and HTTP.

  1. Extranet or Extranet

An extranet is an acronym for an extended intranet or part of a company intranet where users are extended to users outside the company.

Extranets are controlled private networks that use internet technology and public telecommunications systems that allow access to services or information needed by the authorities without having to provide access to the entire network of the organization.

For this reason, organizations or companies that use extranets must still refer to the standardization of rules in data communication so that extranets have adequate security such as firewall server management , insurance, use of digital certificates or legitimate users or have the authority to access extranets, encrypted messages, and use of VPNs that run through public networks.

Extranet is used by companies such as exchanging information using Electronic Data Interchange, cooperating with other companies, and others.

  1. Remote Control

One of the various types of communication media in the network used for data transmission is infrared light. In a smaller scope, infrared technology is used in television remote controls .

Remote control is one of the wireless media as well as a component of electronic equipment used to run electronic equipment from a short distance. Remote controls are widely used to run televisions, run air conditioners, play DVD players, or connect a wireless mouse to a computer.

Thus a brief review of examples of data communication in everyday life. Hopefully it can add to our insights and knowledge about data communication and examples of its application in everyday life


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