50 Examples of Anglicisms

The  Anglicisms are terms originating in the English language, but they were taken by the Spanish and incorporated into speeches in Castilian language. For example: parking, wifi. 

Anglicisms are a type of foreign language , that is, the use of words from all vocabularies foreign to Spanish.

Anglicism is very prevalent in some professional disciplines and in terms related to technology and communication. The great interrelation that exists in these areas makes it necessary to use common technicalities for the different languages, and avoid translating each of the words that arrive in new research.

There are different types of Anglicisms: some are words as units and others are more like phrases, longer expressions. On the other hand, there are some Anglicisms that have no way of being translated, others that can be translated but it is chosen not to because the identity of the concept in English is greater than the one that the translation could have, and others that are on the same plane but Anglicism is used anyway.

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Examples of Anglicisms

Backstage Clip Lunch
Banner Comfort Man
Pub Cool Marketing
Blister Copyright Master’s degree
Blog Dumping Okay
Blues E-mail Parking
Bluetooth Fashion Poster
Boomerang Flash Rating
Boxer Full sandwich
Bullying Football shopping
Business Garage Shorts
Cash Goal Show
Casting Hobbie Smartphone
Chance Internet Speaker
Chat Jeans Stop
Check Junior Surf
Click Link Whiskey


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