5 Tips For Playing Centipede Game

5 Tips For Playing Centipede Game.Always clear a path through the Mushrooms. 

The path should be at least three Mushrooms 
wide and kept clear at all times. It takes four shots 
to destroy a Mushroom. Count your shots and 
don't waste them. Whatever you do, don't 
inadvertently split a Centipede while clearing 
your path. You'll have too much to contend with. 
The path will give you a clear shot at the 
Scorpion at all times. This is essential to your 
grabbing 1000 points for each Scorpion, note; For 
total control of the board, it is best to clear two 
paths; one on the right and one on the left. This 
will ensure a clean Scorpion kill before she 
poisons the Mushrooms. 

B. Kill lots of Fleas. Fleas are worth 200 points, 
and with a little practice, are easily destroyed. Be 
careful. It takes two shots to kill a flea. If you only 
wing it with one shot, it will double its speed to the 
bottom. The way to attract lots of fleas is simple: 
erase all the Mushrooms in your working area at 
the bottom of the screen. The Fleas will keep 
coming until they have left five Mushrooms. 

C. Kill the Centipede in one series of shots. Let 
the Centipede worm its way down to just above 
your working area. When you've got a clear shot, 
strafe it from the head to the tail with a rapid 
series of shots (your finger pressed down on the 
trigger). If killed from the head to the tail, you'll 
get 100 points for each section — for a new head 
sprouts after you've destroyed the original head. 
note: The length of the Centipede diminishes as 
the screen progresses. The first screen has one 
12-segment Centipede (head and 11 segments). 
The second screen has an 11-segment Centi- 
pede (with head) and a single stray head. The 

third screen has 10 segments and 2 stray heads, 
and so on. Kill the stray heads as soon as possible. 
They'll cause you unnecessary trouble if you let 
them get too close. 

D. Always work on the safe side of the Spider. 

The safe side is the side to which he isn't heading. 
If he's going left, stay to the right. The Spider won't 
be able to attack you (he can't retrace his steps) 
until he goes off the screen and returns. Don't 
count on the Spiders for points when you're 
learning the game. Kill them when practical or 

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