3 Factors That Make Us Lucky

On New Year’s holidays, we all wish each other the best of luck – implying that this is some kind of factor of chance. It can happen, or it can leave us without declaring the reasons. However, in Taoist tradition, it is believed that luck can be made its background state. What factors affect this and how can they be pumped?.

It is no secret that most often people are lucky who are moving towards their luck: they are interested in their business, open to new things, looking for, stumbling, finding and moving on.

It’s easy to say, but how to become such a person? According to Taoist tradition, these skills are just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath them lie more important, deeper skills that allow you to extract, cultivate and intelligently distribute the most important human resource – life energy.


It would seem that we are talking about luck, which brings success and achievements – where is the place for relaxation? But as Taoist practice shows, the skill of relaxation is necessary in literally every business.

Imagine: a person spends a certain resource of energy on his work, and a certain amount of energy to maintain stresses – both physical and emotional. Moreover, the stronger the experience, the more real muscle clamps, and vice versa: the usual body tension maintains a tense emotional background.

In the best case, the ratio of energy directed to work and emotional stress is 60% to 40%

At worst, a person spends 80% of his energy trying to somehow control himself, and only 20% goes to work. Hence the various types of procrastination, which slow down all processes when a real storm of events is raging inside.

If a person, for example, practices qigong and learns to relax at the bodily level, then habitual emotional stress, for example, anxiety, recedes. And the same work or family tasks begin to be performed easily: the resource that was previously “occupied” by emotions is directed to them. Plus – energy is released for some additional interesting activities.

So we finally allow life to happen: we let in it an element of surprise, for which there was no strength before. New meetings, new acquaintances, new activities and interests – a resource opens up for discovering new things, which leads to the formation of new successful contacts and events.


Not only does one need to release energy to be successful – it is important to channel it in the right direction. Determine priorities, understand in which direction and how to move. Find something truly “your own”. It is there, in “my” direction, that there is usually a feeling as if everything happens by itself. How to do it?

Get rid of illusions and fears, reveal true needs, roughly speaking, “bring focus” to this reality and see yourself as you are – with all the advantages, disadvantages, potential of opportunities, desires and tasks. Again, easy to say – but people can go to this clarity and understanding for years.

To do this, you can use the help of psychologists or, as is customary in the Taoist tradition, practice meditation

This is the skill of plunging into inner silence – into a space where there is no inner monologue and those stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves. A certain space of clarity, in which brilliant ideas are born – in particular, about what I really want and how to achieve it.

Thus, meditation allows us to understand exactly what we need to focus our attention on – and where attention is, energy flows. Clarity in understanding yourself and your goals is one of the most powerful tools for success.


If a person has learned to “save” energy, as well as to distribute it correctly, then one can think about how to get an additional resource so that the whole process moves faster and more interesting.

For this, in the Taoist tradition, there is a practice of replenishing vitality – neigong. But it is mastered only after a person has learned how to relax within the framework of qigong practice, and also mastered the ability to enter meditation. Only after that, it is possible to give “pressure” – additional energy to a balanced, harmonious system.

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For example, advanced neigun practitioners can completely abandon sleep, because they have enough strength without it. Practicing Neigong in an urban setting, rather than in a monastery, is unlikely to achieve such results. But getting additional strength for new achievements that lead you to the planned success is quite real.

In total, in order to make luck a background state, you just need to learn how to manage your energy: save (free up a resource), direct it to priority tasks and regularly replenish stocks. Sounds infinitely logical, doesn’t it? And, fortunately, within the Qigong framework, there are practices to implement all three points.


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