15 Use of Technology in Business Communication

Understanding Business Communication  is an exchange of information relating to certain businesses or businesses, both service products or goods carried out by the seller with the buyer, the seller with a relation or colleague to the seller with the maker or manufacturer of the product. Business in general has the  influence of Culture in Business Communication  that is done, but the influence of culture seems to decrease due to the sophistication of the age and technology. Why? because the progress of the era that is very fast now not only lies in the progress of humanity, but also in the development of technological equipment and digital media technology, of course, bring a considerable influence in the life of business or business.

Along with the development of technology, now whether it’s  Cross Cultural Business Communication , business communication models between countries to various other forms of business communication that also use various  Types of Business Communication , the easier it is to do. If in the past it was said to be a difficult time trying or doing business because it has various business communication barriers such as culture, distance, distribution constraints and so on, so now wherever and whenever anyone can do business or business that they pioneered through technological sophistication.

Technological sophistication has a role or influence which is very important in business life. The biggest influence of technology in business communication is to make it easier for sellers and buyers to interact, in addition to that technology also serves to provide the effect of Business Communication in the Company  when designing strategies or marketing communication plan processes. Even so, technology in business communication must be used properly and correctly and always follows   the existing Business Communication Ethics , so that the objectives of business communication especially the  Cross Cultural Business Communication Objectives  can have the function of business communication as they should.

When technology is used carelessly in the business world, then what is created is only the  Impact of Ineffective Communication in Business Communication . In addition, various business communication functions that should work to carry out marketing communication strategies effectively will not work effectively. Actually there have been a lot of business activities or  Marketing Communication Management  when doing business using technology, for that we will give some examples of the use of technology in business communication that we often encounter. Some examples of the use of technology in business communications are:

Following are some of the uses of technology in business communications, ranging from general to use for special purposes, including:

  1. Satellite

The first technology used in business communication is a satellite which is an object that works by orbiting other objects in a certain time or period, where the time includes revolution or rotation. We know 2 types of satellites, namely artificial satellites and natural satellites. The use of satellite technology in business communications is of course very important, because when there is no satellite the internet or mobile network and TV networks will automatically not exist. When that does not exist, of course the business will also not run well, efficiently, quickly and precisely.

  1. Internet

The internet stands for Interconnection Networking or a network of interconnected connections between one another that is standardized using the Global Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP) system. This technology is also very important when conducting  Business Communication . When business communication media is connected to the internet, the  Marketing Communication Process  becomes more effective and efficient. The use of the internet in business also makes the  Business Communication Function  increasingly run well and achieve its main goal which is to maintain and enhance the business.

  1. Enterprice Resource Planning

Enterprice Resource Planning or ERP is a technology developed to help anyone who wants to do business. By using an ERP system that includes a fairly good business management system, business management can be done in an integrated manner. In general, the technology system in ERP will carry out various processes such as data entry, data processing, data storage, and distributing data that is done automatically.

The advantage is that the costs for the activities will be reduced so that company expenses will also be reduced. In addition, the level of flexibility of information and data will also be increasingly visible and become more organized and centralized. The use of technology to create ERP is very important because this system will reduce  Business Communication Barriers  to data and make it integrated.

  1. E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a trade that is carried out by using  various kinds of communication media in the network  such as social media, websites, blogs and so forth. Internet technology that is the main pillar in running  an Online Marketing Strategy  should not be taken lightly. Because in today’s world, E-Commerce is a way of buying and selling that is most favored by the public. This happens because people everywhere and at any time can buy various types of their needs easily, safely and quickly. E-Commerce is divided into three types, namely:

  • Electronic Markets (EMs), namely information systems that provide buying and selling facilities and exchange information about prices, specifications or products offered.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  , a means of integrated and structured data transfer with a computer system to a computer system with standardized transaction codes of sale and purchase automatically and does not require hardcopy, receipts, invoices or purchase receipts.
  • Internet Commerce is a person who uses the internet for trading activities. In addition to buying and selling, making ads also enter into this one type.
  1. Internet Banking

In the world of banking business, technology also has a very large role and influence. One of the  Effects of Technology in Business Communication  conducted by banks is by creating Internet Banking. Internet Banking is a banking transaction system that uses the internet network in every activity, whether it transfers, checks balances, payments to account transfers, and so forth. The use of technology in banking has a positive impact on consumers or customers, that is, customers can control their bank accounts wherever and whenever.

  1. Telephone or mobile

If in the past the telephone was only used to communicate either through voice or text messages, now the telephone has other functions or features in line with technological developments. Another feature of telephone that we mean is that the telephone has now been changed as a means to make buying and selling in various   existing Business Communication Models .

The development of telephone into mobile phones, mobile phones into Androids, Androids becoming smartphones, makes anyone who has an object that can do business anywhere with great ease. Forms of Business Communication using telephone or mobile technology is also very simple, simply by opening the desired application, then the business can be started.

  1. Computer

If in the past the computer was only limited to typing and storing data, so now the use of computer technology in business communication is very important. The development of computer technology makes it easier for a businessman to carry out and carry out  Business Communication Functions in  company management . Also from the computer a variety of applications, interesting pictures, advertisements and various factors supporting the success of the business are made and distributed throughout the world. In addition, the computer itself has also become quite a promising business, for example, such as computer rental services or what we are more familiar with as internet cafes (internet cafes).

  1. Television

The next use of technology in business communication can also be seen in the development of television technology. In Indonesia alone, TV used to have only a single broadcast, namely TVRI. However, with the development of technology, now hundreds of TV broadcasts can be enjoyed and watched every day. Now, TV is also transformed into a very popular promotional media.

Various  Marketing Communication Strategies  such as advertisements, talk shows, product introduction interviews, product use presentations, sponsorships, and so on are now increasingly appearing on TV. The impact is an increase in buying and selling, because people know a product that they might be looking for or need through TV.

  1. Business communication applications

The rapid development of technology also makes the emergence of various types of business applications that can be used anytime and anywhere, not only by buyers but by sellers. In Indonesia alone, we find thousands of business applications that are created with the aim of carrying out various business activities. Applications also play a role in creating  Marketing Communication Roles  that function effectively and can reach all levels of society. In addition, the application also plays a role in creating an Effective Communication Process  through various applications such as:

  • Social media applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Path, Instagram, and so on
  • Email chat applications such as Yahoo, Gmail, and so on
  • Website applications such as WordPress, Blogs, and so on
  1. Application Design

Application design is a technology that is also very important in business activities today, because of this application a variety of attractive designs, unique, funny and has a variety of shapes and colors created. In addition, technological advances in application design help businesses to create a good and quality product brand through various creations such as advertisements, videos, covers or product packaging, product logos, and so on. The use of application design technology in business communication indirectly also shapes the views or images of products to consumers. Remember, one of the  Functions of Advertising for Marketing  is to create a brand or product image for consumers.

  1. Search application

Search engine application or Search Engine is an application created to make it easy for anyone to find whatever they want. With this application, a business product will indirectly spread very quickly and can be searched by anyone. In addition, the search application also has   a good Advertising Purpose for a product. The use of search application technology in business communication will also give an image to the company about what products consumers are looking for, so that companies as producers or sellers can take the opportunity.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system that works to record every interaction that occurs between a seller and a buyer. When CRM works, it will create a record of customer data in sequence starting from the day, date, hour, minute to second. Thus business activities will be neatly organized, and customer data will be neatly stored, secure and accessible to the customers themselves. The use of CRM technology in business also makes a company or product seller more able to satisfy its customers.

  1. Customer Service

The use of technology in business communication can also be found in a business or business that has customer service. This customer service is inseparable from the  Effects of Advertising in Global Communication  which gives consumers room to give criticism, suggestions or complaints as well as complaints about the products they buy and use. The function of customer service in business communication is to summarize all complaints, suggestions, criticisms to consumer complaints, so that companies or product manufacturers can renew the product complained of.

  1. Computer System

Computer system is a computer system that is integrated automatically and can work alone. The use of this technology in a business, will provide benefits for the company because the production costs will be increasingly reduced. Usually we will be able to look at businesses that are already quite large and have their own manufacturing plants. Some types of computer systems are:

  • Computer Numerical Contor (CNC) or system for conducting checks in the form of numbers or number calculations
  • Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)  is the use of computer software to carry out control activities on other computerized machine parts.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)  is a system created to facilitate work in terms of designing something for business purposes.
  1. Management Information system (MIS)

Management Information System (MIS) is a technology system created to manage incoming information, such as buying and selling information, financial information, stock information, complaint information, and so on. The use of this technology in business communication, can be found in several types of businesses such as:

  • Retail business or shopping store
  • ATM, Chasier or other payment instruments
  • Fashion business, and various other businesses


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