What is Ursodeoxycholic Acid used for?

Ursodeoxycholic acid is used against biliary calculosis , both by regulating the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, by influencing the share of absorption by the micelles (aggregate of submicroscopic particles consisting of numerous atoms or molecules arranged regularly) digestive lipids.

What is Ursodeoxycholic Acid used for?

It is a synthetic bile acid that acts in the treatment of bile stones due to its ability to promote the dissolution of cholesterol- rich gallstones . It is also found in human bile.

It is indicated in the treatment of biliary dyspepsias and in the qualitative and quantitative alterations of biliary secretion, with the production of supersaturated cholesterol bile as well as for the treatment of cholesterol gallstones .

How is Ursodeoxycholic Acid taken?

It is administered orally , in the form of tablets or capsules.

Side effects of Ursodeoxycholic Acid

Taking this acid can cause side effects, although not for everyone who uses it. Among these it is important to remember:

  • skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: urticaria (in very rare cases)
  • gastrointestinal disorders: pasty stools, diarrhea, irregularity of the alvo
  • hepatobiliary disorders: calcification of gallstones (occurring in very rare cases)

Contraindications and warnings of Ursodeoxycholic Acid

It is absolutely not recommended to take on patients with:

  • acute inflammation of the gallbladder or biliary tract;
  • frequent biliary colic;
  • radio-opaque calcified stones;
  • biliary tract occlusion;
  • reduced motility of the gallbladder.

To be used with particular attention in patients with liver failure .

About the use of the drug in pregnancy , to date there is insufficient scientific data. Since, however, its toxicity is suspected during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable to refrain from its use in this phase, if not in specific cases of absolute necessity.As far as breastfeeding is concerned , it is not currently known whether Ursodeoxycholic Acid is excreted in human breast milk and for this reason its administration is not recommended during this phase.

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