10 virtual party ideas for adults

virtual party ideas for adults.Group video conferencing services such as Skype or Google Hangouts. Take a look at this article and choose any option that suits you in all respects.

Please note that in some services, such as Zoom, the maximum call time is limited. If you are going to spend the whole evening with friends, 40-45 minutes will not be enough. You may also need to turn on screen sharing or send some files to each other, and not all services support these functions.

Install the selected application on your device, and on the right day, create a general conference and invite friends.

What to do at an online party/virtual party ideas for adults

Let’s be honest: an online meeting is somewhat inferior to a real one. You cannot hug friends, dance holding hands, play Twister, or walk in the park. But, being at a distance from each other, you can also have fun and have a good time, albeit in a more intimate format.

1. Play

Many familiar online games are not available: moving chips across the field or handing out cards will not work. But something can still be thought of.

Games with simple questions and tasks

For example, the well-known “Crocodile”, in which you need to show a word or expression using facial expressions and gestures – so that the rest of the players guessed as quickly as possible what you mean. Words can be sent in a personal message (in the original they are sent to the ear of the next player in turn). Or you can borrow ideas from a free app.

Crocodile – a game for a group of friends


Gamer club mobile

Price: Free




Crocodile – a game for friends



Price: Free




In addition to “Crocodile”, there are other options. For example, the board game “Answer in 5 Seconds”: in it you need to quickly give answers to simple questions like “Name three writers” or “Three cars on m !”. One of you can buy the game and act as a presenter: pull out cards, voice questions, keep track of the time.

Quizzes and riddles

Have each of you prepare a puzzle in advance. For example, a question from “What? Where? When?” or an old riddle . Take turns asking them to each other and then all together think about the answer. Try to keep the questions not too simple, but also not too difficult.

You can also go through the quiz online. For example, on myQuiz (free) or MozgoParty (for 300 rubles).

2. Tell stories

Scary, funny, absurd, philosophical – whatever you want. Fear not: this is not as difficult as it might seem. It will be awkward at first, and then very interesting. Here are some ideas:

  • Create each your own story. This can be done in turn and in free form. For example, horror stories, like in a camp by the fire, fairy tales or amazing events from life.
  • Write a shared story. First, you can define the genre and the main characters. The first player creates a tie, the second picks up, and so on in a chain, event by event.
  • Tell a story from a picture. Download a few images in advance that give room for imagination. It can be plot illustrations, fabulous works of photographers, surreal paintings. And, starting from the drawing, compose a fairy tale, horror or detective story together. Many interesting works can be found, for example, on Pinterest.
  • Play it. Buy or download a storytelling game that will help you tell the story and set the rules. For online format, the virtual version of Story Dice is best suited. The essence of the game is that you are like throwing dice with images and have to come up with a story based on the pictures that you got. The app is available for free for iOS and Android. One of you can install it on your device, wait until the pictures are generated, and send the rest of the screenshot.

Story Dice


Cachucha Developer

Price: Free




Story Dice – Story telling


Rene Zuidhof

Price: Free




3. Cook something delicious together

Yes, it can be done remotely too.

  • Choose one simple recipe, such as pizza , sandwiches, or rolls .
  • Prepare all the ingredients in advance.
  • Bring the gadget to the kitchen and position it so that everyone else can see you, without water, oil, or other liquids flooding the screen and keyboard. It may be worth taking care of a special stand for your phone or tablet in advance.
  • Cook in parallel with your friends, as you would in the same kitchen. Chat, joke, exchange culinary life hacks, share the difficulties that have arisen.
  • When the dish is ready, you can compare what you got. And of course, enjoy the resulting goodies.

Since the online format imposes certain restrictions, it is better to choose simple and not very “noisy” recipes, otherwise all this action will turn not into entertainment, but into a test.

4. Have creative get-togethers

This is a good choice if you have a lot of free time and want to leave a memory of the meeting.


You can pre-order small kits for painting pictures by numbers, there is already a canvas, paints, a brush and instructions. And then, at the appointed time, get together online and paint the picture – each his own. Naturally, not forgetting to talk, laugh and eat something tasty in the process. And then show each other the result of their labors. The main difficulty in all this is to set up the camera so that your friends can see how you draw.

Another option is to buy pencils, paints, paper and other materials and take advantage of the free workshops on YouTube. Pick something simple, play the video and start all together.

If you prefer graphics, take a look at the lessons from this channel:

And if you want to paint with acrylic, you can look here:

Reduce the video playback speed to make sure everything is in time.

And of course, you can portray each other. It will definitely be fun! Just remember that this is not a competition, but a way to have a good time. Do not be discouraged if you are not an artist at all and you are not doing very well. The main thing is the process, not the result.

Get inspired🎨

  • Online courses and YouTube channels for those who want to learn how to draw


Here, too, simple ready-made kits will come in handy, which will allow you to sew a toy from felt, make simple jewelry from beads or decorate a postcard. You can also prepare materials and include a master class on YouTube. For example, to make such a cute bear:

Or a postcard:

Choose less difficult lessons so as not to get bored and have time to finish the work in a couple of hours.


Yes, you don’t go to a pottery studio for self-isolation . But you can buy polymer clay, which is baked in a conventional oven or just left to air dry, and together make something small but interesting. And then, when the craft hardens, put it on the shelf as a reminder of an evening with friends.

You can also turn on your imagination and come up with some other creative activity that your friends will like.

5. Have a movie marathon

Yes, yes, choose a movie, turn it on at the same time and watch as if you were sitting in front of one screen: discuss events, laugh, be afraid and be surprised.


  • Empire Magazine’s 100 Greatest Movies of the 21st Century

6. Start a book club

To some, this activity may seem boring, but for bookworms it’s just that. A week before the meeting, choose a book, read it, and then discuss everything together. It will be very good if each of you prepares some question for discussion: why the hero acted in one way or another, who did you like the most and why, and so on.

7. Just chat

If you don’t want to come up with some kind of activity, that’s okay. You can talk as usual. And also turn on the music and dance.

What to consider

Take care of quality communication

Bad internet can ruin your online party. It will not work if the image twitches and the sound disappears. Therefore, look for a place in the house where the signal is best. A high-quality headset will also come in handy so that you all hear each other well and no extraneous sounds interfere with your communication.

Don’t disturb others

An online party can be loud too, so find out when the hour of silence in your area comes , and after that time, do not play loud music, shout, or jump. Also remember about the comfort of those people who live with you in the same apartment. Perhaps they are not planning to take part in your holiday and want to relax in peace. Try not to disturb them.

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