10 things a parent needs to know about Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular video game, especially among boys aged 7 and up. Many parents, however, have not understood what the game is really about. Here are ten things a parent should know about Minecraft.

Those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook will already know: Minecraft mania has broken out in my home . After months of pressing request I installed the Pocket Edition app on my son’s iPad, believing that perhaps now that he was seven he was ready.

Of course it is not an intuitive and immediate game like the rest of the apps that used up to that moment. But a couple of meetings with a bigger and more experienced friend were enough to trigger the Minecraft fever.

Now I think I know enough to be able to share with you parents what you need to know before your child becomes obsessed with this game, and before you worry about anything.

Minecraft explained in two words

Minecraft is a game where you dig (mine) and build (craft) with different types of 3D blocks, within a large world made up of different types of land and habitats to explore. In this world the sun rises and sets, you go to work, collect materials and build tools.

Occasionally there is also rain and lightning storm, animals that can be tamed, raised or used as food. Depending on how you are playing, it may also be necessary to fight for survival against hunger, danger and villains.

1. It does not have a plot or a fixed path

Like many other games, Minecraft does not have a plot or a path to follow, it is a construction game of the sandbox genre  . For this reason, children could play for hours on end.

2. It is not a new game just released

Minecraft development began around May 10, 2009. The official release date for Minecraft was November 18, 2011. On September 15, 2014, Mojang AB and all of its products (including Minecraft) were purchased by Microsoft for US $ 2.5 billion .

The right age to start in my opinion is from 7-8 years old. Although with the tablet version even the five-year-olds are doing well – at least my youngest son makes me believe so.

3. It can be played on different devices

The original version can be played on a computer or with the console . Then there is the Minecraft – Pocket Edition  which is a mobile version of the popular PC game. The latter has a number of limitations, such as the size of the worlds, which is smaller, or the lack of certain blocks.

In essence, however, the game is the same. Finally there is Minecraft: Story Mode , for slightly older kids. This version offers story lines, characters, and a storyline for kids who prefer storytelling.

The learning curve is not as steep as the original.

4. It can be played in single or multiplayer mode

The best way for children to play is in multiplayer mode together with friends or parents.

5. The graphics

Although the graphics are reminiscent of video games from the early 1980s, complex things can be built with Minecraft.

6. Two game modes: creative or survival

There are two game modes: the creative mode  where they can explore and build, and the survival mode  in which they must be careful to survive the attacks of zombies and monsters that are simply called MOB.

7. Addictive

Your kids will want to play for hours. Before being alarmed, try to teach it to self-regulate. Have him put a timer on his own . If after a week you see that they can’t, you can always put a parental control that regulates the use of the single app.

8. YouTube

On YouTube – but also on Twitch.tv , an online video platform specializing in video games – the videos of famous YouTubers abound that comment while they play or tell their adventures using a jargon that is incomprehensible to you but that your children love so much.

You can find numerous tutorials, almost indispensable since the game can be really complex. Since Minecraft is a game that spans many ages – and has infinite possibilities – not all YouTube videos will be suitable for your child.

My son’s favorites are El and Kiria from EternaLove .

9. Violent and frightening

In the extreme game  mode (hardcore mode) the game can be really creepy . In this last mode the difficulty is placed at the highest level, the hearts of life have a different graphic and permanent death is present.

In short, to start and if your children are still young it is better to stay in the creative mode for a while. In all there are four levels of difficulty: peaceful, easy, normal, difficult.

10. Minecraft at school

The Minecraft video game is also used in teaching, to teach physics, history, chemistry, English and geometry. In fact, an Education version has been released,  a project aimed at teachers who want to use Minecraft as a teaching tool in their classes, in order to make the lessons more interactive.


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