The 10 commandments of simple writing

In personal branding, the creation of valuable content is a central activity.

If, like me, you prefer the publication of posts and articles, you must never forget that writing in a clear and immediate way is absolutely essential to “get” your expertise and your knowledge. It is the only way to hope to leave something to the reader.

You never have to write to please yourself.

But, allow me the pun, being simple is not simple. Or rather, it requires some effort.

According to Jack Trout and Steve Rivkin , it is necessary to foment understandable language, strongly opposing the use of complicated terms in writing as well as in conversations. The crusade of the two US experts in favor of clear writing can be condensed in the 10 commandments enunciated in their famous “The power of simpley”. Or:

  1. Use short sentences
  2. Choose simple words
  3. Use familiar words that have a conversational tone
  4. Avoid using unnecessary terms
  5. Use active verbs
  6. Write how you speak
  7. Choose words that the reader can see in their mind
  8. Connect with the reader experience
  9. Make sure you are always very clear
  10. Write to express yourself, never to impress

Simplicity must become an imperative to encourage the enjoyment of your content.

We hear a lot, we listen a little

Bombarded with a myriad of information, people have less and less time to give you attention. There are studies showing that people tend to remember only 20% of the things they hear during the day. In general we can say that we hear a lot, but they listen little


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