10 best texting games

Texting games (text-based games) are some of the oldest computer games. Many remember old text role-playing games like Zork. Mobile gave the genre a chance to be reborn and there are actually a ton of good ones. It comes naturally on a smartphone. Send text messages to your friends and family on your phone. Why not text a fictional stranger to help him live? In any case, these games are usually pretty straightforward. You get a ton of options, you choose the one you want, and the game continues on that branch of the story. You continue until you fail or win the game.

This genre also spawned an entirely new subgenre, the lost phone. Instead of answering text messages, he searches a dummy phone to find out what happened to its owner. We have a bit of everything on this list. Here are the best texting games for Android! We would also like to recommend Zarya-1 as an honorable mention.

  1. A dark room
  2. Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story
  3. BitLife
  4. Delight Games Titles
  5. King of Dragon Pass
  1. Lifeline Series
  2. Magium
  3. Reign games
  4. Simulacra and Simulacra: Pipe Dreams
  5. Witchcraft! games

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A dark room

Price: $ 1.99

A Dark Room is a fairly simple and straightforward texting game. You start out in a cold, dark room. Players light a fire and then depart from there. It’s a bit slower than we normally would like and there aren’t many options to get started. However, a little patience gives you a pretty entertaining game. You slowly build a shelter, traps, and other things to survive. You won’t win any prizes for aesthetics, not even for a text game. On the other hand, it only costs $ 1.99, has no in-app purchases or ads, and works perfectly offline. It’s a good place to start texting.


Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

Price: Free / $ 0.99- $ 5.49 each

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is a mysterious text game in which you find a phone and try to find its owner. Players look at a phone, all of its texts, and all of its photos to find clues to the owner’s whereabouts. It’s technically a sequel, but the first game seems to be gone. There’s also Bury Me, My Love, Chroniric, and Somewhere, two games formerly from the same publisher as Another Lost Phone that have split up. They are somewhat standard adventure text games with interesting stories and some other fun gameplay elements.



Price: Free to play

BitLife is a text-based life simulator. You create a person, write their whole life and make decisions on their behalf. The game features many options, including a ton of jobs, various life paths, and you can even adopt a ton of pets. Players can go to college and find a good job or drop out of school and leave their parents. Everything depends on you. This is one of the most popular life simulator games. AltLife is another solid option in this space.


Delight Games Titles

Price: Free to play (generally)

Delight Games is a Google Play developer with some decent text games. Some of the options include an Oregon Trail style game, a D&D style game, Your Choice, Wizard’s Choice, and a few others. All of these games have very similar mechanics, look, feel, and style. The games tell a bit of history, give you a choice, and then continue based on your choice. The only downside is that the free versions require you to watch a bunch of ads between chapters in some of the titles. Of course, you can buy the coins and keep moving forward. These are reasonably good for how vague all the names are.


King of Dragon Pass

Price: $ 9.99

King of Dragon Pass is a text messaging strategy game with a fantasy theme and RPG elements. It uses more graphic elements than most texting games. However, it ends up being useful for keeping track of all the things you accumulate throughout your adventure. Collect goods, trade things, go on adventures and slay powerful beasts. It is much deeper and longer than many text games we tested. However, all that genius comes at a price. The game costs $ 9.99 and is honestly a tough pill to swallow even for a full graphics game. We leave it to you, but the game is really good.It’s also free if you have a Google Play Pass subscription.


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Lifeline Series

Price: $ 1.99- $ 2.99 each

The Lifeline series is an earlier series of text-based adventure games. There are about half a dozen games in the entire franchise and all the stories are a little different. However, they all revolve around the same premise. Receive messages from people and decide what to do about it. Those decisions have an impact on history. You can lose the game if you make bad decisions. Previous games are a bit bare in the features department, but they still tell great stories. Later games add more gameplay elements, fast-forward modes, and the ability to rewind.They are old though, so please test them within the refund period to make sure they work on your device.



Price: Free / $ 2.99

Magium is a simple choose your own adventure game with some RPG elements. You play as Barry, a normal guy who wants to become a magician one day. Players enter a tournament, improve Barry’s stats, and try to make all of that happen. Your decisions have an impact on the story and can even cause you to die and lose. This game is in active development. There are two complete books to read and a third is in the works. It’s a good little truck if you want something that will take a while. The game is also free on Google Play Pass if you use it.


Queen games

Price: $ 2.99- $ 3.99 each

Reigns is a series of text games with elements of strategy and card game. There are three games in the series. The first has a king, the second a queen, and the third lets you play as Game of Thrones characters. It’s a simple series of games, really. You are presented with a scenario on a card and you choose yes or no by swiping the card left or right Tinder style. The game tells you the results of your decision and then you make another. Players continue until they lose. They are inexpensive games with no in-app purchases or ads. They aren’t the most in-depth texting games on mobile devices, but they’re still pretty fun.All three games are available on Google Play Pass if you use that service.


Simulacra and Simulacra: Pipe Dreams

Price: Free / $ 4.99

Simulacra and Simulacra: Pipe Dreams are two newer text games. The first is similar to a normal lost phone. He finds a lost phone and must find its owner. However, Simulacra also adds some elements of horror and suspense. It also has five endings, various puzzles, and even a voice-over cast. Simulacra: Pipe Dreams is a derivative of the main game. You play as Teddy and find messages you didn’t send. Cue the adventure from there. Both games are excellent. You don’t have to play the original to enjoy Pipe Dreams, but it helps add a bit to the story. Pipe Dream is free and the original game costs $ 4.99.


Witchcraft! games

Price: $ 4.99 each

Witchcraft! is a series of text games. There are four games in the series at the time of writing and they are all pretty decent. They have heavier graphic elements than most text games, but that’s perfectly fine. Basically, you move around the game world and interact with it with narrative texts and decisions. The story is built around your decisions and there are a lot of different things to do. This is closer to a narrative game than a pure text game, but it has elements of both. The Sorcery series is excellent. It’s also a bit pricey at $ 4.99 per game for a total of $ 20 for the entire series to date.

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