How to know if someone has entered your Gmail email

If someone enters any of our Google accounts, we are notified immediately, but … what if they enter from a device already connected to our Google services and we do not receive an alert? We tell you how to find out.

Along the lines that make up this article we are going to tell you how to discover intruders who have access to our Google accounts. A priori it may seem silly to us, but it is something quite serious, since it is invading our privacy.

Associated with our Google accounts we have photos, emails, YouTube videos, Drive documents, Google Maps locations , and a lot of information that we are hardly aware of.

If we receive an alert from Google, it means that someone may be trying to access a
 . Those alerts also jump when we are ourselves accessing a Google account from a new device.

The problem comes when those alerts do not reach us because Google already has those services registered on the device. For example, if we have two cell phones and someone takes one from us, or we give it to them, we will not receive any alerts.

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That person has access to all of our photo stories in Google Photos, the most recent locations in Google Maps, YouTube playback history, Gmail emails, invoices and confidential documents that are in Drive. etc.

Hence, we always say that if we are going to give away, sell, lend, and others, our mobile, PC or tablet, we have to restore it to factory values . In this way we prevent that person from keeping our Google accounts, data, photos, files, logins in social networks, etc.

Have they entered my Gmail account?

If we want to know if someone has entered our Gmail account, there is a very fast, direct and subtle way to find out if our inbox has stepped on another device and another location:

  • We open Gmail on the PC, we scroll down completely.
  • We locate “Details”in the lower right corner.
  • Click and a new window opens where we see the location, date, time and IP address.

If we see that some data does not fit us, then it is an unequivocal sign that someone is having access to our Gmail account . In which case we notify Google from this link and follow the steps indicated.



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Check open sessions on other devices

By doing this check that we are going to explain now, we can find out if an intruder has access to our Google accounts. Through this simple process we will see the location, time of the connection and we can even close the sessions .

  1. From the PC we open a Google Chrome tab, then click on our photo and click on “Manage your Google account”.
  2. Once inside we go to Security, in the right panel.
  3. We scroll to the “Your devices” section.
  4. Upon entering we see all the devices that have access to our Google account.
  5. By clicking on one of them we can see some information, log out, search for device, location, where you have logged in, and also alert Google if we do not recognize that device.

We can also know if they have entered Google Drive , but the main thing is to monitor the active devices and connected to our account and log out of all those that we do not know or no longer use.


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