How to record screen in Windows 10

If we need to record the screen of our PC with Windows 10, we will offer various methods to achieve that goal. It does not matter if we want to record a game or a process to upload a tutorial to YouTube, with a few simple steps, we will be able to record everything.

If we have a PC with Windows 10 and we want to record the screen of our computer, we are in luck, since in this version of Microsoft’s software there is a very simple method to record the screen and it is pre-installed at the factory.

In addition, there are currently countless ways to record the screen , whether it is recording a process to explain something, such as a download and its subsequent installation, or recording a game of video games. Whatever it is for, these programs that we are going to explain below are going to be very useful.

We are going to start by explaining the native method of Windows 10 by the hand of Xbox and then we will review other ways to record the screen of our computer with other programs, such as VLC..

  • We have to go to the search bar and type this “Capture settings”.
  • Once there we change the parameters we need, for example, the recording time, where we want the captures to be saved, record in the background, activate the audio, if we want the cursor to appear in the recordings, etc.
  • To enable Xbox Game Bar, we can search the search bar of Windows 10 or press this key combination: Win + G.
  • Recording does not work on the desktop or in the file explorer, so to start recording we have to open a game, even if it is Minesweeper or a screen like Word, or a web page.
  • To start the recording, click on the icon that we marked in the previous capture.
  • A timer automatically appears showing the duration of the recording and a button to stop it, as well as an icon to activate and deactivate the microphone.
  • In our case, because we have indicated so, the recording appears in a folder that we have called Screenshots. By default it is saved in the Videos folder in the “This computer” section.

How to record screen with VCL in Windows 10

Version 4.0 of the video player software is about to hit the market, but they also intend to leave a time capsule on the surface of the Moon before the end of 2021.

The first thing we have to do to record our screen using VCL is to download and install the software from its official website and then follow these simple steps:

  • Once the VCL player opens, click on Medium and then on Convert.
  • Now we enter the Capture Devicetab .
  • The first parameter that appears, we change it to Desktop and choose the frame rateper second that we want to capture.
  • Click on Convert / saveand another dialog box opens where we have to choose the folder where we want to save the screen recordings and it will be in MP4 format .
  • If we click on Start, the program will start recording everything we do.
  • When we stop it, we locate the recording and can edit and share it from within the VCL software itself.

Other options to capture the screen

If for whatever reason, these two that we have explained do not convince us, we are going to give you other ideas. In this case, as we always do at Computer Hoy, we recommend legal and real options.

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