How to send a WhatsApp message without adding the contact to the phonebook

Yes, you can send messages without having to add the contact to our agenda and we are going to explain the two methods that exist to achieve it in a matter of seconds. We are also going to review some safety tips, since this technique has a small print.

Surely there are many of us who did not know that we could send messages on WhatsApp without having added a contact. We just need your phone number and some picaresque.

When we say picaresque, we mean a real and legal trick, not using any type of hacking or illegal or strange method. We will use a very fast and effective method to send any message to any number (if we have it, of course).

If we have to send a message and we do not want to save the contact, nor does the other person have our contact, when the recipient receives our message, the first thing they will see will be our phone number and our photo . The latter will only happen if we have not followed the steps we said a few days ago explaining the importance of hiding our WhatsApp photo .

Use this trick in our mobile browser

In order not to get involved with strange tricks and such, we have chosen to offer this infallible method of sending messages to whoever we want, as long as we have their phone number.

  • We enter the browser of our mobile, it does not matter if it is Android or iPhone.
  • In the search bar we write this:
  • Where we have put the word “number”, we have to write the phone number of the person to whom we want to send the message. It is mandatory to add the country code, in the case of Spain it is 34.




The Civil Guard alerts: if you receive a WhatsApp from the Ministry of Health, do not open it, it is a scam

Taking advantage of the alert status of many people and the scarcity of masks, cyber scammers have supplanted the identity of the Ministry of Health to spread panic through a WhatsApp message.

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We use WhatsAppDirect on our Android

If we do not dare to do what we have explained above and we prefer to use a third-party app, then it would be a good idea to download WhatsAppDirect. This application is free and is only available for Android mobiles .

The good thing about this app is that it makes it easier for us to find the numeric prefix , so just by looking for the country the prefix is ​​automatically placed in front of the number.

We write the phone number, we write the message and click on Send and the message is sent automatically at no cost, since what this application does is locate that number and open a WhatsApp chat with it.


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