How to Download and Install Saint Seiya Awakening on My Low Resource PC

If you are a fan of anime and manga series and you were born in the 90s, surely you have seen one of the most legendary anime that today continues to obtain new viewers, Saint Seiya or also known as The Knights of the Zodiac is a series that I leave a great impact on viewers for its story, scenes, powers and a perfect animation that left you hours in front of the screen.

This excellent series contains multiple sagas that go around its long history, it has also released a large number of accessories that undoubtedly any fan will not hesitate to acquire, it is there that video game companies decide to bring to light deliveries of this saga where the story unfolds , and thus be able to control your favorite characters from the series and let your cosmos burn.

One of the popular installments of the moment is Saint Seiya Awakening, and that is why in this post we will teach you how to download and install this video game on your PC with few resources . Continue reading and find out more.

Steps to download and install Saint Seiya Awakening on a PC with few resources

Downloading Saint Seiya Awakening for PC is not as complicated as it seems, since this can be achieved through emulators of Android devices, where you can download the video games you want and enjoy them on your computer and play with the keyboard and mouse.

There are various applications to emulate your Android device, including BlueStack , NOXplayer among others, you just have to take into account which of these best suits the requirements of your computer , but today we will show you how to install this game with the LDPlayer application. .

  • First you must enter the browser of your choice and place LDPlayer , once the search is done, select the first option which is the official page of the application .
  • Once you download the application you run it as administrator and you give it next and it will install in the path you want.
  • Once the application has been installed, it will start automatically.
  • There are two options to download the Saint Seiya Awakening game, the main one is to access the LD Store there you can find the game, the other option is to access Google Play, you search for the video game, press install and you’re done .

In this way you would already have the video game installed on your PC and you will be able to enjoy this excellent installment and make your cosmos burn.

Configure controls and optimization

The configuration for this game would be very easy to do, since Saint Seiya Awakening is a role-playing video game with battles in turn, which will be easy to use using your PC mouse . But if you want to place more buttons and use the keyboard you should go to the controls section, once there you will choose the type of control you want to configure and that’s it, you just have to assign the buttons you want and you can play comfortably.

On the other hand, if you have an Xbox360 control you can connect it to your PC , so that you can play it without the need for a keyboard and make it more comfortable to play it, it works the same if you have a Playstation one.

Optimize the emulator for better performance

In this step you will have to configure the emulator depending on the characteristics that your PC has, in this section you will be able to move the number of dedicated CPU cores and their resolution , and in that way you will notice if your game is improving.

To enter these options you go to the gear, once there you go to the advanced options and you can configure it your way, you can also give the recommended configuration and it will analyze your PC and select an optimal configuration for better performance.

And voila, you would have Saint Seiya Awakening on your computer with few resources quickly and easily. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the Dragon Ball Z saga and you own its Dragon Ball FigthersZ video game, I invite you to check the best tricks and combos that you can perform in this excellent game.


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