Mini DayZ Walkthrough Tips

A few tips to help you survive in the Mini DayZ world.

While DayZ is still in Early Access and development is in full swing, there is great news for zombie survival fans that Bohemia Interactive has released a pocket-sized version of the game called Mini DayZ . Designed for smartphones and tablets, the pixelated post-apocalyptic survival simulator lets you explore a randomly generated map in search of food, shelter, and weapons. You will have to avoid meeting or engage in battles with animals, zombies and marauders. The game also includes a crafting system (albeit not as advanced as we are used to seeing), which involves collecting materials from inside buildings and vehicles and combining them to create tents, food, weapons and backpacks.

There are four scales in Mini DayZ that show how hungry a character is, how thirsty he is, and whether the weather affects his well-being (only sub-zero temperatures have a negative effect). You will have to keep feeding the character and provide him with a safe haven so that none of the statuses go down to zero. If this happens, hunger or thirst will affect the character’s health.

Other difficulties are related to inventory space management, fighting opponents, etc. There are three difficulty modes, and if you are just learning to survive, then choose “Newbie” to get better acquainted with the game.

Move with the stick control scheme

If you just started playing, you may have noticed that the project has two character control schemes: movement with the stick on the left side of the screen and movement by clicking on the desired location point (roughly speaking, point – & – click). While you are offered a choice of two options as you see fit, I personally recommend using the stick control as this will give you better control over your character’s movement, especially when chased by bandits, zombies and wild predators.

Choosing a way to travel

With the help of the stick control scheme, it will be easier for you to escape from enemies. You can always change the scheme at any time. Just tap the settings icon (gear) at the top right of the screen, and select the “Motion” section.

How to increase your inventory space

Compared to other craftable survival projects in Mini DayZ, there is too little inventory space. At the beginning of the game, there will be a minimum number of slots; you will have to store extremely important items. Along with the fixed slots where pants, outerwear, main and secondary weapons, vest, helmet, backpack are installed, there will be additional inventory space for storing all other items. One slot gives a shirt, two – jeans. There are also two additional slots – one for storing melee weapons and the other for food or drink.

As stated above, jeans have two slots that are used to store food, water, and crafting items.

And here are some ways to increase your inventory space:

  • The T-shirt does not have additional slots for inventory and, therefore, it must be replaced at the earliest opportunity with another piece of outerwear, which will contain at least two slots. Look for a raincoat or sweatshirt as it comes with two slots. There is only one slot on the jacket, and two on assault vests, for storing ammunition and ammunition. Vests can be found at military facilities. Work pants have three inventory slots at once!

Inventory space – two-slot sweatshirt

  • A backpack is a must-have item as it will significantly increase your inventory and is much more efficient than a shirt and jeans. You can steal a backpack from a bandit after killing him. Also, the backpack can be crafted. To make a homemade backpack, you will need one burlap and rope. This backpack provides three additional slots. Add three wooden sticks to your DIY bag for an improved backpack and a total of five inventory slots.

Use the in-game map to find roads and houses

A site map can be very useful for finding nearby houses, buildings, and roads. Click on the “diary” (notepad) icon on the right side of the screen, under the “gear” icon, and click on the “Map” section to find out the current position of the character.

Individual houses, structures and factories are shown on the map. A red X mark indicates your current location. By clicking on the arrow icon at the bottom of the map, you can go to the tab with the world map. Always use a map of the area when you feel lost, or want to know where there is a house or other structure nearby, as there are often food, weapons, materials inside. Cars are found near houses and roads.

Eat food, drink water at regular intervals to stay alive

The blood scale is at the top of the screen and shows the character’s HP. The character begins to lose blood when he is close to a state of severe hunger or thirst, has been bitten, etc. Try to consume food and water to make sure that the two scales (hunger and thirst) are full and do not go down to zero. When the hero declares that he is thirsty or hungry, then you should know – he warns you that he will soon begin to lose HP. You will need to quickly find water and / or food, feed the hero.

You can also unlock special abilities such as Hamster, which reduces hunger by 15%, and Camel, which reduces thirst by 15%. To do this, click on the character image in the upper left corner of the screen.

Hunt deer and hares for food

Hunting is one of the rewarding activities in Mini DayZ . You will need to kill a rabbit or a deer to get meat steaks. Use ranged weapons for this, including a crossbow or any other firearm to hunt game. After shooting, use the knife to get animal meat. To cook meat, you need a fireplace. Build it using wood, paper, rags, and twigs. Light it with matches.

How to stop bleeding and restore blood

If you are injured, then after a while you will automatically begin to restore blood (after the bleeding is completed). This is provided that the scale of hunger and thirst falls below 50%. As soon as this happens, blood regeneration stops. Therefore, you need to make sure that you periodically eat food – apples, canned food, etc. – and drank water, maintaining a high level of water and food in the body.

You can also unlock the additional skill “Survivalist”. It will allow you to increase the rate of blood regeneration if the stock drops below 50%. Accessing the list of perks is easy – click on the avatar of the character in the upper left corner of the screen.

Perk “Survivalist”

Your character will start losing blood after being attacked by enemies or wild animals. This can happen both after their first blow, or after the third or fourth (if you manage to quickly kill, then the probability of bleeding will be reduced to zero). To stop the bleeding, you will need to find bandages or make homemade garments by ripping them apart. Use blood packs to instantly restore health. Unlock the Red + perk to reduce blood loss during bleeding or thirst.

Craft homemade bandages if you don’t find regular bandages

Bandages in Mini DayZ are not so easy to find. We’ll have to look into every house and car. Sometimes you have to comb through a third of the card to get at least one. Fortunately, there is a way to make the bandages by hand. While a temporary bandage may not be as effective as a real bandage, it can be used to stop bleeding.

Here’s how to create a bandage: find a T-shirt, click on it in your inventory and select “Rip into rags”. By the way, this can be done not only with a T-shirt, but also with other clothes, but not all. When bleeding starts, just use the resulting bandage.

How to keep your character warm

The temperature bar at the top of the screen, far right, indicates whether your character is feeling warm or cold. You must make sure that this scale does not drop to zero. There are various ways to maintain the temperature:

  • Create a fire and light it. You will need a campfire kit and matches to keep warm. Combine wood with wood sticks, paper, or rag to create a fireplace. Now place the fireplace on the ground by dragging it to the left side of the inventory screen and light it with matches.
  • You can hide inside houses or large buildings to stay warm.
  • Look for warm clothes and wear them. Make sure the clothes are in good condition. The condition of the clothes is measured as a percentage. Warm clothes with a 70% condition will keep the character warm better than clothes with a 40% condition.
  • Find a whiskey and drink it to restore some heat points.
  • When it’s raining or snowing, quickly find your tent and set it up in a safe place. Now you can sit in the tent while it rains. Staying inside the tent will keep you warm.
  • Use various perks such as Snowman, which will increase your stamina in cold weather by 200%. There is also the Sweet Home perk, which adds 50% to the heat level if the character is inside the house. You will need at least 200 points to unlock the first perk, but after that the points needed to unlock the other will continue to grow.

Perk “Snowman”

Avoid fighting wolf packs

Fighting a pack of wolves is not a wise move, especially if you don’t have a weapon to attack. And even if you have it, the priority should be to escape from the wolves, not attack them. Use the stick control scheme to make it easier to escape wild animals.

Wolves will chase your character, so try to hide inside a house or other buildings. Look for the nearest building on the map and move towards it. If you are running through the forest, try avoiding larger trees that can obstruct the movement of the flock. You can also unlock the Hunter skill if you don’t want animals, especially wolves, to notice you quickly. Also, don’t forget to get the Sprinter skill as it increases your movement speed by 10%.

You can find firearms at military bases

If you spot tents, a military vehicle or a tank, quickly search the area around them. The chances of finding a firearm in this case are greater.

Also, stock up on ammunition that can be loaded into firearms.

Can’t find food or water? Request support!

If there are no cars, houses and other objects nearby, if you are in the middle of the forest, then you should ask for help by clicking on the “parachute” icon in the upper left corner of the screen, to the right of the character icon. A container of food will fall from the sky immediately after you watch a promotional video about 30 seconds long. The container will contain a random item, so there is no guarantee that you will receive food or water. It also happens that weapons or ammunition fall out of containers.

How to earn experience points faster?

Right below your character picture in the upper left corner of the screen are the total points you have earned so far. Points can be exchanged for perks that will help you survive for as long as possible. First, you will need to collect 200 points to unlock the first skill, and after that – more than 200 points each time to open additional perks.

You will earn a few points as you run and get even more by killing zombies. Searching houses and other places also gives a certain amount of points. Your goal is to survive, and the longer you survive, the more points you earn.

How to get rid of zombies?

The fight in Mini DayZ is not very difficult. Your character can fight enemies with bare hands or using melee weapons. Melee combat starts automatically when the main character is in close proximity to the enemy. If you are using a ranged weapon, including an assault rifle or a shotgun, then you do not need to aim, as the crosshair will automatically aim at opponents. Note that you will be aiming at the nearest enemy. Wait for the crosshair to appear on the target, and then click on the fire button to attack the enemy.

  1. Your priority should be the minimum number of skirmishes with enemies. This is the only way you can live as long as possible. You can run away or hide inside the house if you spot opponents or they see you. If the character’s health level is too low, but the battle continues, then quickly click on the map button to find the nearest house and hide inside it. Enemies cannot enter houses, so you are safe. When the zombie leaves or turns its back on you, you can leave the house.
  2. Do not use ammunition unless you are in a dangerous situation or need to search buildings for food and other important items.
  3. If you have a firearm, then you can eliminate the enemy from a distance. However, to begin with, a crosshair should appear on the enemy. Save ammunition only for those opponents who really need to be killed so that you can, for example, gain access to an important place or building that they are guarding.
  4. Advanced weapons like a sledgehammer or pipe can do more damage. With it, you can also inflict critical damage that kills opponents the first time.
  5. By unlocking certain perks, you can improve your fighting skills.

And here are these perks:

  • Scout– Unlock the perk to spot enemies from a long distance.
  • Sniper– The chances of a headshot when using this weapon are increased by several percent.
  • Blocker– You must unlock the skill if you want to block enemy melee attacks more often.
  • Thresher– unlock the skill if you want to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
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