How to prepare gluten-free chicken nuggets?

Without a doubt, chicken nuggets are a delicious meal that is easy to incorporate into your diet. Those offered by the market are not always gluten-free. Therefore, we leave you a homemade alternative. Fortunately, gluten-free chicken nuggets are a simple recipe to make for all those who for various reasons cannot consume protein. In addition, the flavor they have is unique, … Read more

Why you shouldn’t quit dairy Products

The amount of dairy we consume varies greatly in different parts of the world. For example, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands are the main consumers of milk per person, while the inhabitants of Morocco, Maldives and South Sudan consume the least. This may make you wonder if you really need to continue to include dairy in your daily diet. Or … Read more

5 benefits of fermented milk

Humans have been drinking milk for a long time. In fact, scientists believe that our organisms first developed the ability to digest lactose around 7,500 years ago in central Europe. 1 Over thousands of years, the consumption of milk has spread in our diet and throughout the world. To preserve this ingredient of natural origin and make consumption outside both tasty and safe, we used to rely … Read more

8 benefits of consuming yogurt daily

The yogurt is a food not only delicious but also contains many of the nutrients that our body needs. For this reason, eating yogurt daily provides us with multiple benefits: according to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition , people who consume yogurt on a regular basis enjoy a greater supply of nutrients and, in general, tend to follow a healthy diet 1 . We … Read more