15 Characteristics of a Good Journalist

Learn about the key characteristics that make a good journalist stand out in their field. From curiosity to integrity, discover what sets great journalists apart. Characteristics of a Good Journalist A successful journalist should know something of everything and in a way everything of something He must possess some knowledge of law, religion, war, science, … Read more

12 Functions of Magazines You Must Learn

Explore the diverse functions of magazines and learn how these print publications inform, entertain, inspire, and build community connections in our society. Functions of Magazines;A magazine has different functions from other magazines. It depends on the information contained in it. The word entertainment is so general and so all inclusive that it is sometimes difficult … Read more

10 Kinds of Magazine You Must Know

Explore the different kinds of magazines available, from lifestyle and entertainment to news, sports, fashion, and more. Although all magazines share certain basic problems of production and distribution, their editorial content and adverting are of many hues. Even trying to group them into categories becomes difficult because inevitably there is overlapping, and a few magazines … Read more

History of Magazine Journalism in Pakistan

Explore the fascinating history of magazine journalism in Pakistan, from its early beginnings to the digital age. Discover the impact, challenges. In the- sub-continent journalism originated with magazine journalism. The first weekly printed newspaper was “Hickey Gazette” which was issued by James Augustus Hichkey in the English language. When Pakistan came into existence, a few … Read more

12 Characteristics of Magazines;You Must Know

Explore the key characteristics that make magazines a popular and enduring form of media. From targeted audience to visual appeal, magazines offer diverse content for every reader. Magazines are a channel of communication halfway between newspapers and books. Unlike newspapers or books, however, njany of the most influential magazines are difficult or impossible to purchase … Read more

15 Frequently Used Journalism Terms

Dive into the world of journalism with this comprehensive guide to essential journalism terms. Learn the language of reporting and storytelling to enhance your writing skills. Before actually entering the journalist profession , it would be a good idea for you to enrich your knowledge by understanding some of the frequently used journalistic terms below. Some of … Read more