Hotel Diana

Diana Hotel . Old hotel located in the Historic Center of the City of Matanzas . Considered a Luxury Hotel in its time, the construction of this building was significant for the city due to its three-story architecture and its original use. It was the first three-story, high-rise building built in the city of Matanzas. Inaugurated in 1861 , it served as a hotel … Read more

Hotel Dos Hermanos (Batabano)

Hotel Two Brothers . Famous architectural work of the town of Surgidero de Batabanó . Summary [ hide ] 1 Foundation 2 Building transformations 3Reapertura 4 Restoration of the property 1Mobiliario 5 Personalities who were hotel guests 6 attractions 7 Demolition 8Fuente foundation It opens its doors for the first time in 1889 , being its owners the peninsular brothers José María and Joaquín Valdés, who, allegorically to their … Read more

Ashanti traditional constructions (Ghana)

Traditional Asante Buildings are located to the northeast of Kumasi . They are the last material vestiges of the great Asante civilization, which reached its climax in the 18th century . Since the houses are made of earth , wood and straw , they are vulnerable to the onslaught of time and climate . This site was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1980 .   Summary [ hide ] 1 Description 2 Classification criteria 3 Integridad 4 Authenticity 5 Protection and management … Read more

San Isidoro Cathedral of Holguin

San Isidoro de Holguin Cathedral . Religious and worship place for the Catholic Church. It was the Parish Church of the city of Holguín . In it the settlement books of baptisms, marriages and deaths since 1731 are kept . Summary [ hide ] 1La catedral 2 History 3 Construction 4Arquitectura 5 Sources Cathedral The Cathedral of San Isidoro, located on Libertad Street in the city of Holguín , is … Read more

Cathedral of Santa Catalina de Ricci (Guantánamo)

Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Ricci . Religious place of worship for the Catholic Church . Founded on July 15 , 1842 . From then until 1953 it received several repairs, including the addition of one more body to the tower. In 1959 it is repaired again. Summary [ hide ] 1 The Cathedral 2 History 3 Construction 4 Architecture 5 See also 6 sources Cathedral The bell tower had already been modified, the slate tile dome was … Read more

Matanzas Cathedral

Matanzas Cathedral . The Matanzas Cathedral or San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral , is a religious and place of worship for the Catholic Church . It was the Parish Church of the city of Matanzas . In it the settlement books of baptisms , marriages and deaths of some Matanzas personalities are preserved. Summary [ hide ] 1 Location 2 History 3 First trades 4Edificio final 5 Historical documents 6 Fountains Location It is located in the Matanzas Este People’s Council (Matanzas) , … Read more

House-warehouse of José García de la Noceda

House – Warehouse of José García de la Noceda. Local monument located in the province of Cienfuegos , built in 1881 . Summary [ hide ] 1 Location 2 Features 3 Category 4Fuente Location This excellent neoclassical construction, built in 1881 by the Spanish merchant José García de la Noceda , at a cost of $90,000, located on Calle de Argüelles (Avenida 52) and D´Clouet (Calle 31). Features Corner … Read more