How to insert a comment in Word 2010

Many of the more popular document creation apps allow you to work with others. These methods usually provide an interface where contributors can comment on a portion of the document so that everyone else can see the comment and decide whether to make a change. You can insert a comment in Word 2010 using the tool found on the application’s Overview tab.

Collaborating on a document can be very difficult when people need to identify changes that someone else has made. Word 2010 offers a feature called Change Tracking that makes it easier to review the changes made to a document, but another useful tool is to add comments to a document. This creates a much more accurate way to comment on something in the document without affecting the content.

Our guide below will show you how to insert a comment at a desired location in a document so that others reading the document can easily identify it.

  1. Open your document in Microsoft Word 2010.
  2. Select the text to which you want to add a comment, or click where you want to add a comment in the document.
  3. Click the Review tab at the top of the window.
  4. Click the New Comment button.
  5. Enter your comment in this field. When you’re done, just click on the body of the document. You can click the comment again later if you want to change it.

Our article continues below with more information on adding a comment in Word 2010, including images of these steps.

The steps in this article will show you how to add a comment to a location in a document that is open in Microsoft Word. The images below are from Word for Office 365, but will work in other versions of Word as well. We’ll be adding a comment to the selected phrase, but you can use the same steps to add a comment to a specific word, or even just to a place in the document. When you’re done commenting, you can even just print the comments in the document.

Step 1: Open the document where you want to insert a comment.

Step 2: Select the text you want to comment on.

Step 3. Select the “Browse” tab at the top of the window.

Step 4: Click the “New Comment” button.

Step 5: Enter your comment and then click somewhere inside the document when done to end the comment.

Is the name displayed with your comments incorrect? Learn how to change the name of an author comment in Word 2010 to make it easier for others to identify you.

If you need to share your document with someone, but you do not want to display comments, you can hide the tracked changes. This article will show you how to hide the markup that occurs when you enable Track Changes, and you can choose to display the document with either completed changes or original text.

In addition to being able to create a new comment, you can also delete a comment if it is no longer relevant, or you can even delete all comments from the document if you need to make major changes.

If you go to the Review tab, select the option you want to use to edit a comment by clicking the appropriate button in the Comments group on the ribbon. One of the options found here is Show Comments, which you can click to turn on or off the display of comments.

Many other applications and versions of Microsoft Office have the ability to add or remove comments, and they are usually found in the same location.

While clicking the Delete Comment button may seem like the quickest way to get rid of the comment you want to delete, it may be more useful to use the Resolve button below the comment in the overview pane. This way, the comment will remain as part of the document in case you need to refer to it later in the editing process.

All comments in the document appear in the Review panel on the right side of the window.

If you work in an organization or school where you often need to complete a document with other people, then using comments in your Word document is a great solution. This will not only reduce confusion, but it will also ensure that when people want to comment on something in the document, their idea will not be overlooked or lost when shuffled.

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