Basic elements of characterization (II): the case of Mad Men

We mentioned in the previous article that one of the basic elements of characterization is clothing. Any audiovisual fiction product takes care of the wardrobe aspect of all its characters. It should be noted that clothing is identified with social status, with religious beliefs, with political ideology, with a profession , etc. Taking advantage of the tenth anniversary of … Read more

What is the plot?

When a dramatic action is taking place in a story we find the term ‘plot’. Do you know its meaning? Do you want to be a script, film and TV expert? Well then you are interested in expanding your vocabulary with the following information. The plot is the central part of the dramatic action , in which all the characters are linked … Read more

Diegetic and extradiegetic sound

In audiovisual narration, sound can be analyzed in two categories: diegetic non-diegetic or extra-diegetic We speak of diegetic sound when the sound source is in the filmic space , that is, it belongs to history . The main requirement of diegetic sound is to be realistic and consistent with dramatic space. The voice of the characters, the music from a radio, the sound of a … Read more

Public aid to film production

Have you ever wondered how public administrations intervene in the financing of audiovisual productions? In this post we deal with the subject. To the question of who can access aid from the ICAA, the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, the answer is clear: Spanish production companies or companies from other EU member states established in … Read more

What is a Chroma Key and how to use it

Have you ever looked at the weather maps that appear behind the weather presenters? Have you not hallucinated with those Hollywood blockbusters developed in magical or science fiction settings? The answer will surely be affirmative and in this article we will see what Chroma Key is and how to use it . What is the Chroma Key? A Chroma Key is basically a … Read more

Film credits, what they are, what they are for and how they are made

They are not usually paid too much attention, but all the films include them. How important are the credits of a movie? A lot. More people, companies and institutions are involved in any audiovisual production than the actors who are in front of the camera. They are, in some cases, teams of hundreds of people who, each in their role … Read more