Kangaroo In Australia

Kangaroo . Animal belonging to the Macropodidae family. It is one of the first animals that children learn to know and yet, being known all over the world, it still keeps many enigmas for science. Summary [ hide ] 1 Geographical location 2 Origin of the name 3 Origin and evolution 1 From America to Australia 2 From the jungle to the desert 4 General characteristics … Read more

Pichianchiara language

The Pichianchiara language is a language spoken by the Anangu or Pchianchiaras, an Australian Aboriginal people living in the western deserts of Central Australia , between northwestern South Australia and the Northern Territory border, south of Lake Amadeo . Summary [ hide ] 1 Geographical situation 2 Features 3 Sample text in Pichianchiara language 4 Sources Geographic situation They call themselves ‘anangu’ , which in the Pichianchiara language probably means ‘human being’. It is … Read more

Australian Aboriginal

The Australian aborigines are, together with the Torres Strait Islanders , the descendants of the first inhabitants of the country Australia and its adjacent islands, and have continued to live there throughout the Colonization of Europe . Under Australian law, both peoples make up the Indigenous Australians as a whole. The traditional territory of the Australian Aborigines extends throughout Australia, Tasmania and a few nearby islands. Summary [ hide ] 1 Clarifications on … Read more

Introduction To Australia

Australia (officially called Commonwealth of Australia , in English: Commonwealth of Australia ) is a sovereign country in Oceania , whose form of government is the federal constitutional parliamentary monarchy. Summary [ hide ] 1 Etymology 2 History 1 Prehistory 2 Contact with Asians 3 European exploration 4 Settlement and colonization 3 Foundation of the colonies 4 Own colonial government and discovery of gold 5 Federation and world wars 1 Prosperity in the postwar … Read more